Wednesday, July 22, 2009

random list

i thought i should blog about a few things, so i have them to remember later on....if i get started on one however, i will go off on some long explanation and never finish. so, i'm just going to make a list.
  • drew is 20 months old now and i am having a really hard time dealing with him becoming a big boy.
  • potty training is going to be a nightmare.
  • we bribe our child with cotton balls to get him to brush his teeth. i have no idea why he likes them. he doesn't call them cotton balls though, he calls them an "easy". i guess because i always rub them on his face and say eeeeasy as i do it.
  • tim is a perfectionist. i love that about him, but sometimes it takes a long time to get something done. our new patio looks very nice though. :o)
  • our 4th anniversary is tomorrow.
  • my mamaw is a tough old bird. she starts her radiation next week. she will complete 25 rounds in 5 weeks.
  • mamaw has had breast cancer, hodgkin's disease and non-hodgkin's lymphoma all in less than 4 years.
  • my sister-in-law rue just got a job teaching technology at a school in denver. i'm so happy she and josh are able to be together now!
  • drew has funny names for my sisters and tim's brother. he calls kate "cake", hayley is "bug" and rob is "obbie".
  • drew's favorite phrase right now is "what's that?" he asks that question about 500 times a day.
  • i've run nearly 110 miles since school let out for the summer.
  • i really want to do a full marathon next spring.
  • i just realized my last three meals have been cheeseburgers and fries. 2 from mcdonald's and one from the burger barn. ("the burger barn, gilbert!" -- i have to say it everytime...have you seen what's eating gilbert grape? if not, nevermind that quote.)
  • i think i am an insomniac. really.
  • we may take drew for his first trip to the aquarium tomorrow....pray for us.
  • i can't wait for the midsummer night's run!


Jb and AnGiE said...

Marathon...really? Don't get any ideas with me joining in..okay!

Post some pictures of the new patio that Tim worked so hard on...darn those perfectionists!

Happy Anniversary!

The Mrs. and Mama said...

When is the Midsummer Night Run? I wanted to do the shorter walk/run (I'm by no means a marathon runner here). I wanted to get Candy or someone to do it with me and we could push the kids.....

Glad you all are doing good! Happy (late) Anniversary!!