Friday, November 28, 2008

Native American Repression Day

my little turkey

tim, drew and i at keeneland...brrrr!

jeanne and jennifer (who cannot contain her excitement
because jim was going to take her through the krispy kreme drive-thru)

jennifer, jeanne, drew and i post-run

pre-thanksgiving picture

kate, hay, mom, drew, dad
josh, rue, tim and me

uncle tom, uncle jon, gig, aunt cheryl, mam, pap and mom

drew and daisy mae
the newlyweds
rue & josh

gig, aunt cheryl, mom

the sweetest dog in the world, rosie

okay jennifer, i had to use your new term for the thanksgiving holiday...that was too good to pass up. i have to say, we need to start carrying around a notebook to write down all the crazy things that come out of our mouths--or maybe we should just carry around a video camera to capture all the funny things we see.
now, to our native american repression day celebrations....tim, drew and i got up very early to head to keeneland on thanksgiving morning. i had a 5k i'd signed up for and was very excited about getting up early and standing out in the freezing cold waiting to run on a holiday morning. really, i was excited. tim kept drew in the car where it was warm while i went down to pick up my registration stuff and look for jeanne, jennifer and jim. what is wrong with us that we love to run so much that we will make these sacrifices when most people stay warm and snug in bed and sleep in? oh well, it felt good and we saw several funny things. here is a short list of what we saw:

  • several men in running tights. i know, it's no worse than a speedo but still. ick!
  • a map wearing running tights in capri length. i don't know who told him it looked good, but they lied.

  • a girl wearing bikini bottom short shorts and had her legs lathered up with what looked like a combo of vaseline and baby oil. i'm not sure if that's supposed to keep you warm or's not like you're gonna chafe running a 5k. seriously, put on some pants.
  • several people being drug by their dogs on the course only to meet back up with them a 1/2 mile down the road where their dog had to make a pit stop....nothing more appetizing than seeing a steaming pile while you're thinking of thanksgiving dinner.
  • the best running shirt i've seen in a while. it was called the "parson's family project" (a family of runners) with their top 10 list of why they run on the back. waco loopers will have a shirt like this next! :)

i'm thankful i was able to get up and go run yesterday. i'm glad i have good friends that are willing to do it as well, we had fun. now we need to do the reindeer ramble in december.
here are my other thanksgiving "thankfuls":

  • i have such a happy, healthy family
  • everyone was at thanksgiving dinner this year!
  • we are blessed with a home that keeps us safe and warm
  • my good friends...i don't know what i would do without those few close friends i rely on....tim, angie, sarah, jennifer, jess, jeanne.
  • a mom who wasn't thrilled that her 28 year old daughter got a tattoo but didn't say anything about it (and still asked to see it.) :)
  • a new (and only) sister-in-law who loves my brother very much. he needed you in his life and i'm so glad you found each other, even if you did have to go halfway across the world to do it.
  • my pups. they are my other kids.
  • a baby who loves me as much as i love him.
  • a husband who loves me as much as i love him.
  • a mamaw that has a good enough sense of humor to wear her "my oncologist is my homeboy" shirt i got her when she was still doing chemo.
  • a family that always seems to have room for one more person at the dinner table, even when we don't know them or it's the first time we've did a good thing, kate.
  • and i am especially thankful i do not have to go out in the black friday crowd

Thursday, November 20, 2008


sometimes i'm amazed at what comes out of my mouth. not necessarily at the moment, but later when i think back, i think maybe i should have waited before speaking. i think everyone has done that at one time or another....except you, angie. i think you hold your true thoughts in better than anyone i've ever seen. it always amazes me. (especially when i can read that little smile you get on your face that shows what you're really thinking!)
anyway, i digress....when we're talking, i totally understand saying something that maybe didn't come out the right way, was meant differently or just ended up sounding rude. now, the kicker here is that some people put things in writing before actually thinking.
this whole blog stems from the fact that i believe people will put just about anything on the internet without regard for a sense of confidentiality, personal life or the fact that some of us just don't want to know certain things. ever. especially when we get mental images....ugh.
i saw a status update on an old acquaintance's myspace a few minutes ago that said he was "aroused". really? who puts that out there for people to see? i DID NOT want to know that! now i have this nasty mental picture that i can't shake and it really ticks me off.
here are some of the other status updates/posts/survey answers/pictures/whatever else i've come across that tend to annoy or amuse me, depending on the day:

  • of course, the "aroused" status has to be first. yuck.
  • a daily status/what are you doing? update by another person on myspace that says "i miss ________ so u baby. love you more than ever."
  • people who take pictures of themselves and post them...and you can still see their arm in the picture. hilarious!
  • people who take their own picture in a mirror. do you think people can't tell you took your own picture???
  • someone who filled out a survey and instead of answering "yes", "yeah" or "yep" to questions, answers with the word "yelp" everytime. Yelp.
  • i think it's too funny when people update their status before every single activity in their lives..."going to the store", "going to school", "watching t.v.", "going to bed".....
  • when people have 75 pictures posted of just themselves....especially the ones that have a caption reading "aren't i cute" or "just me", "just me being silly"...those crack me up.
  • people who post a million pictures of themselves in skimpy outfits. are they proud, because i can assure them, their relatives are not.
  • people who label a photo album as "photoshoot in ______" then post pictures of a supposed photoshoot where some of the pictures are taken on a greasy old picnic table. is that supposed to be sexy?

*yes, these are all actual things i have seen on myspace. amazing, huh?

and last, a list of my favorite "mood" selections on myspace....many of which are not moods.

  • bitchy
  • blustery
  • catalyzed
  • chill
  • crunk
  • cultured - i love that you can be crunk yet cultured....
  • evil
  • exanimate
  • exotic
  • fermented
  • frisky
  • froggy
  • gallant
  • high
  • impervious
  • insubordinant
  • jedi
  • knighted
  • morose
  • ninja - ninja mood is new to me
  • obsequious
  • pensive
  • pirate
  • pugnacious - huh? this makes me think of dudley dursley.
  • pure
  • quixoted
  • recumbent
  • savage
  • sweaty
  • vexed
  • vehement
  • virginal - before or after being aroused?
  • voluminous

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A First Birthday

over a year ago, i would receive a daily phone call around 10:00 every morning. for three months i would wait for the call from mam and pap asking if moses was still in his papoose. since my papaw really, truly wanted me to name the baby moses, i laughingly went along with the name when they called.the bedrest thing really had them upset so they had to check (sometimes twice a day) to make sure drew wasn't ready to come. mamaw insisted that i put the police/fire/ambulance service numbers in my phone in case i went into labor at home by myself. what a difference one year can make!

before i had drew i was so sure i would not be a good mom. i was certain i had no idea what to do. what if he got sick? what if he cried all the time? what if my baby was a boy? i didn't know how to take care of a boy!

well, i'm still not sure i'm as good a mom as i can be, i guess time will tell. i know i try my best to be everything drew needs....lately that has been the person who puts him down and steps away when he starts to throw a tantrum. as for my worry that he would get sick, we made 4 trips back to the hospital during drew's first 4 days home because of jaundice. (i know that's not technically "sick" by many standards, but to a new mom, it's sick.) drew did cry for the first 8 weeks nonstop...morning, noon and night. and, to my surprise, he was a boy, ha! i was certain it was going to be a girl....maybe because i wasn't sure what i was supposed to do with a boy. (and how the heck was i supposed to take care of a circumcision?!?!)

luckily, drew is resilient. we've made it almost a year and i am still stunned that we just celebrated my baby's first birthday. to tell the truth, i'm a little sad. i'm happy that i have such a happy, healthy baby, but i'm sad because i just can't believe a whole year has past.

we celebrated drew's birthday today though his birthday is actually the 18th. my family was able to come down and we all ate, opened presents, had cake, took pictures and laughed. drew got a "rock, roll and ride" tricycle from tim and i, books and clothes from mom and dad, clothes from gig and uncle, a car hauler/animal truck from rue and josh, a great uk outfit from abby, push cars from bob and kathy and an awesome time out bench with a parking meter "time-out" timer, (that one was hilarious) from mam and pap. mam also brought him a potty chair for future use....too bad we can't teach ruby to use it too.

we enjoyed our day so much and were so glad our family came out in the nasty, cold weather. :)
pre-party snack

drew & his papaw

drew & his mamaw

drew & momma

drew & aunt rue playing with new toys

on his new time-out bench....only mamaw would give this one!

drew & gigmaw

the cake didn't quite turn out the way i had pictured, ha! betty crocker does not live in this house.

getting ready for cake! all that practice blowing out candles and in the end, he tried to grab it instead of blowing it out....oh, well.

mamaw feeding him more ice cream.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

Sunday, November 9, 2008

This weekend's 5K

part of the crew

the rosencrans'
(drew crashed shortly after this for a 3 hour nap!)

i'm not sure what all the deep conversation is about....


what's really in that cup???

at the beginning...this was "stomper girl". i could hear her coming a 1/2 mile back because she stomped when she ran. :)

drew and daddy

wow, the morning was fabulous for our run yesterday. i was worried it was going to be cold and rainy but it ended up being a beautiful, sunny fall morning. the run was great and we were already making plans to do it again next year.

we also received some great prizes. my favorite has probably been my new mug made by a local potter for the run. tim has already said how much he likes it about 14 times....i guess i'll have to let him use it, too. :)

thank goodness tim was able to come and watch drew while i ran. he's a lifesaver and such a good daddy. he's always willing to help with drew -- even the dirty jobs. on the way home we got tickled talking about drew's gassy problems during the awards. at one point tim even had to take him to the car to change him but when he got there, the diaper was empty. so, he bundled him back up and brought him back to the rec hall where we were getting our prizes and awards. unfortunately, drew continued to let stinkers...we got a kick out of it because tim was standing back in a corner with about 20 people crowded around. i guess they all got some nice air freshening back there.

this is definitely a run that will be on my agenda for next year. it was a nice atmosphere, good socializing for a saturday morning and hey, you can't beat the free starbucks!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

uncle joshie got me by my tail!

this year was drew's very first halloween. considering he only has three teeth, isn't quite a year old and has a 6:30 bedtime, we didn't do much trick or treating. on friday night i came home, dressed him in his lion costume, tried to paint on some whiskers and a nose, then we headed off to tim's mom and dad's. they only live a few minutes away so we were able to make at least that one stop on halloween night. tim called me as i was leaving school to tell me they had a gas leak in lexington and he wouldn't be making it home in time for the festivities....i was a little upset that he didn't get to see drew in his first halloween costume but what can you do? i'm sure he would have rather been there than working late, too.
yesterday we had planned on taking drew home to see my family. since his aunth colleen had bought him another halloween outfit, we decided to try it out on our visit. she had seen a zebra costume and yes, it was adorable. i couldn't believe he actually left the hood up on it the whole time. he wasn't able to crawl at his usual lightening speed on the hardwood floors, but he still got around pretty well. all in all, it was a nice first halloween. the best part? i didn't have to hand out candy while trying to keep the dogs from attacking some kid!

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