Friday, November 28, 2008

Native American Repression Day

my little turkey

tim, drew and i at keeneland...brrrr!

jeanne and jennifer (who cannot contain her excitement
because jim was going to take her through the krispy kreme drive-thru)

jennifer, jeanne, drew and i post-run

pre-thanksgiving picture

kate, hay, mom, drew, dad
josh, rue, tim and me

uncle tom, uncle jon, gig, aunt cheryl, mam, pap and mom

drew and daisy mae
the newlyweds
rue & josh

gig, aunt cheryl, mom

the sweetest dog in the world, rosie

okay jennifer, i had to use your new term for the thanksgiving holiday...that was too good to pass up. i have to say, we need to start carrying around a notebook to write down all the crazy things that come out of our mouths--or maybe we should just carry around a video camera to capture all the funny things we see.
now, to our native american repression day celebrations....tim, drew and i got up very early to head to keeneland on thanksgiving morning. i had a 5k i'd signed up for and was very excited about getting up early and standing out in the freezing cold waiting to run on a holiday morning. really, i was excited. tim kept drew in the car where it was warm while i went down to pick up my registration stuff and look for jeanne, jennifer and jim. what is wrong with us that we love to run so much that we will make these sacrifices when most people stay warm and snug in bed and sleep in? oh well, it felt good and we saw several funny things. here is a short list of what we saw:

  • several men in running tights. i know, it's no worse than a speedo but still. ick!
  • a map wearing running tights in capri length. i don't know who told him it looked good, but they lied.

  • a girl wearing bikini bottom short shorts and had her legs lathered up with what looked like a combo of vaseline and baby oil. i'm not sure if that's supposed to keep you warm or's not like you're gonna chafe running a 5k. seriously, put on some pants.
  • several people being drug by their dogs on the course only to meet back up with them a 1/2 mile down the road where their dog had to make a pit stop....nothing more appetizing than seeing a steaming pile while you're thinking of thanksgiving dinner.
  • the best running shirt i've seen in a while. it was called the "parson's family project" (a family of runners) with their top 10 list of why they run on the back. waco loopers will have a shirt like this next! :)

i'm thankful i was able to get up and go run yesterday. i'm glad i have good friends that are willing to do it as well, we had fun. now we need to do the reindeer ramble in december.
here are my other thanksgiving "thankfuls":

  • i have such a happy, healthy family
  • everyone was at thanksgiving dinner this year!
  • we are blessed with a home that keeps us safe and warm
  • my good friends...i don't know what i would do without those few close friends i rely on....tim, angie, sarah, jennifer, jess, jeanne.
  • a mom who wasn't thrilled that her 28 year old daughter got a tattoo but didn't say anything about it (and still asked to see it.) :)
  • a new (and only) sister-in-law who loves my brother very much. he needed you in his life and i'm so glad you found each other, even if you did have to go halfway across the world to do it.
  • my pups. they are my other kids.
  • a baby who loves me as much as i love him.
  • a husband who loves me as much as i love him.
  • a mamaw that has a good enough sense of humor to wear her "my oncologist is my homeboy" shirt i got her when she was still doing chemo.
  • a family that always seems to have room for one more person at the dinner table, even when we don't know them or it's the first time we've did a good thing, kate.
  • and i am especially thankful i do not have to go out in the black friday crowd


Jb and AnGiE said...

I'm so glad you had a good run...I'm guessing you got your jacket that you were so excited about receiving??
It looks like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your family, too. We had a great one as well, very full still, but it was great!
I think I am a little jealous over Jeanne getting some krisy kreme's after the race, though. yum, yum!

jenn said...

that was a fun run. i ate 3 krispy kremes and then went to starbucks and had a carmel apple spice which is amazing!! i hope we don't go to school Monday... we can meet early and run before i work at 5