Sunday, November 9, 2008

This weekend's 5K

part of the crew

the rosencrans'
(drew crashed shortly after this for a 3 hour nap!)

i'm not sure what all the deep conversation is about....


what's really in that cup???

at the beginning...this was "stomper girl". i could hear her coming a 1/2 mile back because she stomped when she ran. :)

drew and daddy

wow, the morning was fabulous for our run yesterday. i was worried it was going to be cold and rainy but it ended up being a beautiful, sunny fall morning. the run was great and we were already making plans to do it again next year.

we also received some great prizes. my favorite has probably been my new mug made by a local potter for the run. tim has already said how much he likes it about 14 times....i guess i'll have to let him use it, too. :)

thank goodness tim was able to come and watch drew while i ran. he's a lifesaver and such a good daddy. he's always willing to help with drew -- even the dirty jobs. on the way home we got tickled talking about drew's gassy problems during the awards. at one point tim even had to take him to the car to change him but when he got there, the diaper was empty. so, he bundled him back up and brought him back to the rec hall where we were getting our prizes and awards. unfortunately, drew continued to let stinkers...we got a kick out of it because tim was standing back in a corner with about 20 people crowded around. i guess they all got some nice air freshening back there.

this is definitely a run that will be on my agenda for next year. it was a nice atmosphere, good socializing for a saturday morning and hey, you can't beat the free starbucks!


jenn said...

1. My favorite thing about this race was that you ran in pearls! Hilarious!

2. I knew working for Starbucks would prove philanthropic...

3. Jeanne and I put on the craziest birthday party ever, but next year we're in!

SRoSeNcRaNs said...

southern girls do it in pearls, didn't you know?

Jb and AnGiE said...

I agree, great race! I'm looking forward to running it next year, too. Oh and you gotta be stylin' when you're running. :)