Thursday, November 20, 2008


sometimes i'm amazed at what comes out of my mouth. not necessarily at the moment, but later when i think back, i think maybe i should have waited before speaking. i think everyone has done that at one time or another....except you, angie. i think you hold your true thoughts in better than anyone i've ever seen. it always amazes me. (especially when i can read that little smile you get on your face that shows what you're really thinking!)
anyway, i digress....when we're talking, i totally understand saying something that maybe didn't come out the right way, was meant differently or just ended up sounding rude. now, the kicker here is that some people put things in writing before actually thinking.
this whole blog stems from the fact that i believe people will put just about anything on the internet without regard for a sense of confidentiality, personal life or the fact that some of us just don't want to know certain things. ever. especially when we get mental images....ugh.
i saw a status update on an old acquaintance's myspace a few minutes ago that said he was "aroused". really? who puts that out there for people to see? i DID NOT want to know that! now i have this nasty mental picture that i can't shake and it really ticks me off.
here are some of the other status updates/posts/survey answers/pictures/whatever else i've come across that tend to annoy or amuse me, depending on the day:

  • of course, the "aroused" status has to be first. yuck.
  • a daily status/what are you doing? update by another person on myspace that says "i miss ________ so u baby. love you more than ever."
  • people who take pictures of themselves and post them...and you can still see their arm in the picture. hilarious!
  • people who take their own picture in a mirror. do you think people can't tell you took your own picture???
  • someone who filled out a survey and instead of answering "yes", "yeah" or "yep" to questions, answers with the word "yelp" everytime. Yelp.
  • i think it's too funny when people update their status before every single activity in their lives..."going to the store", "going to school", "watching t.v.", "going to bed".....
  • when people have 75 pictures posted of just themselves....especially the ones that have a caption reading "aren't i cute" or "just me", "just me being silly"...those crack me up.
  • people who post a million pictures of themselves in skimpy outfits. are they proud, because i can assure them, their relatives are not.
  • people who label a photo album as "photoshoot in ______" then post pictures of a supposed photoshoot where some of the pictures are taken on a greasy old picnic table. is that supposed to be sexy?

*yes, these are all actual things i have seen on myspace. amazing, huh?

and last, a list of my favorite "mood" selections on myspace....many of which are not moods.

  • bitchy
  • blustery
  • catalyzed
  • chill
  • crunk
  • cultured - i love that you can be crunk yet cultured....
  • evil
  • exanimate
  • exotic
  • fermented
  • frisky
  • froggy
  • gallant
  • high
  • impervious
  • insubordinant
  • jedi
  • knighted
  • morose
  • ninja - ninja mood is new to me
  • obsequious
  • pensive
  • pirate
  • pugnacious - huh? this makes me think of dudley dursley.
  • pure
  • quixoted
  • recumbent
  • savage
  • sweaty
  • vexed
  • vehement
  • virginal - before or after being aroused?
  • voluminous


Jb and AnGiE said...

Okay I know I told you this afternoon what JB said...but I had to post it too because I knew it would make you smile. His response after reading your blog entry..."Tell her to take a trip and go play wal-mart bingo"

jenn said...

here here for wal-mart bingo! ok, some of these "moods" i can't even read. i got one for ya..."poned" which I think means like getting bombarded with something but it's more fun to say that. or to middle schoolers it is more fun. I thought that was cornbread. i'm getting old...