Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

uncle joshie got me by my tail!

this year was drew's very first halloween. considering he only has three teeth, isn't quite a year old and has a 6:30 bedtime, we didn't do much trick or treating. on friday night i came home, dressed him in his lion costume, tried to paint on some whiskers and a nose, then we headed off to tim's mom and dad's. they only live a few minutes away so we were able to make at least that one stop on halloween night. tim called me as i was leaving school to tell me they had a gas leak in lexington and he wouldn't be making it home in time for the festivities....i was a little upset that he didn't get to see drew in his first halloween costume but what can you do? i'm sure he would have rather been there than working late, too.
yesterday we had planned on taking drew home to see my family. since his aunth colleen had bought him another halloween outfit, we decided to try it out on our visit. she had seen a zebra costume and yes, it was adorable. i couldn't believe he actually left the hood up on it the whole time. he wasn't able to crawl at his usual lightening speed on the hardwood floors, but he still got around pretty well. all in all, it was a nice first halloween. the best part? i didn't have to hand out candy while trying to keep the dogs from attacking some kid!

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