Friday, October 31, 2008

a few things....

  1. our first halloween was a hoot. i'll post pictures after i take drew home tomorrow to see my family all dressed up.
  2. tommy, i'm sick of politics, too. the last month i've been teaching a unit on voting and democracy....things aren't quite what they seem and though i'm sick of election crap, it's been very eye opening to see and hear what the kids say....
  3. i did not have a need to contact my attorney day at a time i guess.
  4. i avoided all trick or treaters tonight. is that awful that i don't want to hand out candy? they didn't even ring my doorbell this year. could it have been the ferocious labradoodle barking her head off? or perhaps waylon giving out a nice little tirade that could be heard throughout the neighborhood?
  5. don't use eyeliner as's a pain in the butt to get off a little lion.
  6. my child should have been a crow for halloween. i'm not sure when he'll talk since all he wants to do is call crows--that's about the only noise he's making these days. well, that and telling me "no, no, no!"
  7. time will change tomorrow. i hate change. it doesn't matter what kind, i don't like it. i really do not like when time falls back....isn't the cold weather dreary enough in the winter without it getting dark at 3 pm?
  8. can teachers have intervention charts? can i go to the website and make my own? if so, who will keep track of my performance for me?
  9. i ran with a new lady tonight that really made me push hard. and we talked the entire about out of breath.
  10. i am thinking more and more everyday about a half-marathon. i'm also thinking about a tattoo....very seriously.
  11. i'm very proud of jennifer for taking on yet another duty.....wife, mother, student, worker times 2. do you sleep???
  12. i love that even when angie is ticked off royally, you would never know by her actions. it's an awesome feat when you can be that upset and no one can even do you do it?!?!
  13. enjoy the so i'll have something to read. tommy, don't take anymore bribes from politicians. jennifer, drink decaf when sampling. angie, enjoy a weekend with no company!

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Jb and AnGiE said...

I think I can thank my father for that "laid-back" side to me. I do get upset...but it never really stays with me long. I just hate being in a funk. LIFE'S TOO SHORT! I also know if I ever really do get'll be my witness, haha!