Sunday, October 5, 2008

sunday mornings

sunday mornings are spent by the majority of people i know getting ready for church. this is how i grew up as well. we'd all get up, get showers, mom usually fixed a good breakfast and we fought over who was going to get more time in front of the mirror or with the hairdryer. (4 girls in the house and one hairdryer makes for a morning of not quite christian like attitudes.)
anyway, though i am thankful mom always took us to church, now i am equally thankful i can choose to not get up and go if i don't want to. my sunday mornings are much different now. they usually involve getting up at the crack of dawn (as i do every other morning), changing the morning diaper, then changing another one 20 minutes later after hearing a tell-tale grunting while drew crawls around, feeding the dogs and getting them outside for their morning romp, then running to make coffee as fast as i can.

now, tim is usually not home on weekend mornings....either off working or riding one of his bikes--mountain or dirt. this leaves me to do most of the morning chores, keep up with my own little irumba and make sure the dogs don't eat/chew/bark/run off to somewhere they shouldn't be.

this morning has really been no different...we did the diaper dance (while drew tries to bounce like tigger the whole time), then the dog duty, and finally COFFEE! once i got all this done, i gave drew a few things to play with and sat down to watch him....not good. like you ever just get to sit down and watch them. i immediately found my pant leg being pulled on and when i got up to get him, he took off at a crawl dale earnhardt would be proud i followed, i realized drew was pretending to spit in the floor. a few weeks ago this was funny. we would pretend to spit and he would start laughing uncontrollably. now, he's trying it out for himself. this will probably end up with a report from the babysitter at some point and time....maybe i should warn her now.

after the spitting, he has also decided he is going to "roar" at everything i say. i'll say his name to get his attention, he turns around, smiles and's hilarious. thanks to mamaw and hayley for teaching that one the other day, it's gonna go perfectly with his halloween costume.

i love sunday mornings.

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Jb and AnGiE said...

I love, love, love Sunday mornings! I love JB going to the store and getting the Sunday paper and a delicious coffee for me, too. Wait that doesn't sound right..he's doing all the work. Oh well, there's nothing better...:)