Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i am almost 29 years old, and while i was cleaning the kitchen just now i realized something so silly. (my age comes in as a factor because i've gone so long saying this that i cannot believe it didn't hit me until now.)
you know how people say, "well, h-e-double hockey sticks"? for some reason, it just hit me that they really meant hockey sticks, like the ones you play the sport with. h-e-L-L! why did i not notice this before??? i think it's one of those things you get stuck in your head as a kid and just never really notice you're wrong....kind of like singing the wrong song lyrics. i always thought the "hockey sticks" were like horse "hockey"....as in stacking up horse hockey to make the letter L.

maybe because when someone in my family said it they also used the phrase horse hockey instead of saying sh*t. i think they were trying to get around saying the bad word in front of us and in the process they completely screwed over my thinking and interpretation. you also have to keep in my i am the same girl who assigns gender to letters, numbers and colors. i had no idea that wasn't something everyone did until tim and i got married and had that conversation one day.....good thing he'd already married me!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


though summer is my favorite season, fall and spring come in at a close second. i really love fall, it's just that winter comes after and that i am not so fond of....
fall makes me think of all the things i love. having a baby makes many of those things even better. now that drew is almost 2, he's so fun and entertaining. here are some of the things he says and does that i absolutely love:
  • hand mommy, hand. -- when he wants to hold hands.
  • hold you! --when he wants to be held or picked up.
  • what's that? --imagine that 500 times a day. :)
  • wiz and wolly -- that would be liz and molly. i think liz is one of his favorite people.
  • cole and map -- nicole and matt, two of his other favorite people
  • shew, messy! -- after he threw up in his car seat on the way to school this week....and i had bus duty.
  • cancake -- pancake: he ate two at cracker barrel this morning!
  • truck
  • cossee -- coffee
  • whoa, baby!
  • oops daisy
  • his dancing -- he will only dance to single ladies. don't even think about trying a different song.
  • have it
  • kink-kuo -- thank you
  • peese -- please

there are so many more, i can't list them all.

some of the ones i'm not too wild about, but are still cute....sometimes:

  • why? -- imagine this one with his hands turned out to the sides....oh, boy.
  • fork -- he yelled that at cracker barrel this morning and it did NOT sound like fork. it sounded like the mother of all words.....
  • the whiny "mommy" -- it doesn't bother me at first, but after 4,000 times in an hour, it can start to wear you down. i still love that he can say it, no matter how many times, i have to think about that instead of getting irritated. :)
  • dammit -- and old standby
  • hush!

  • daddy worrrrrk

he has new boots for the fall and he's absolutely crazy about them. he's into all things boy including dirt bikes, motorcycles, tractors and big trucks. here's a picture of drew and daddy watching tractor trailer rigs drag racing....