Sunday, October 4, 2009


though summer is my favorite season, fall and spring come in at a close second. i really love fall, it's just that winter comes after and that i am not so fond of....
fall makes me think of all the things i love. having a baby makes many of those things even better. now that drew is almost 2, he's so fun and entertaining. here are some of the things he says and does that i absolutely love:
  • hand mommy, hand. -- when he wants to hold hands.
  • hold you! --when he wants to be held or picked up.
  • what's that? --imagine that 500 times a day. :)
  • wiz and wolly -- that would be liz and molly. i think liz is one of his favorite people.
  • cole and map -- nicole and matt, two of his other favorite people
  • shew, messy! -- after he threw up in his car seat on the way to school this week....and i had bus duty.
  • cancake -- pancake: he ate two at cracker barrel this morning!
  • truck
  • cossee -- coffee
  • whoa, baby!
  • oops daisy
  • his dancing -- he will only dance to single ladies. don't even think about trying a different song.
  • have it
  • kink-kuo -- thank you
  • peese -- please

there are so many more, i can't list them all.

some of the ones i'm not too wild about, but are still cute....sometimes:

  • why? -- imagine this one with his hands turned out to the sides....oh, boy.
  • fork -- he yelled that at cracker barrel this morning and it did NOT sound like fork. it sounded like the mother of all words.....
  • the whiny "mommy" -- it doesn't bother me at first, but after 4,000 times in an hour, it can start to wear you down. i still love that he can say it, no matter how many times, i have to think about that instead of getting irritated. :)
  • dammit -- and old standby
  • hush!

  • daddy worrrrrk

he has new boots for the fall and he's absolutely crazy about them. he's into all things boy including dirt bikes, motorcycles, tractors and big trucks. here's a picture of drew and daddy watching tractor trailer rigs drag racing....


The Mrs. and Mama said...

Cole says a lot of those things too....he says hold you when he wants me to pick him up too. Haha. You have one handsome little boy. =)

JB, Angie and Ashlyn said...

I love the pictures...he is soo into what they are watching.