Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tornado watches are beginning to get old

last wednesday we had tornado warnings, this week tornado watches....and now it's going to get cold again tomorrow. not only do these things get the kids all excited, today i wasn't even there when it happened. my main concern was whether i need to go get drew and just leave the doctor altogether but the radio said it was just severe storms, no tornados had shown up on the radar.
thank you to angie who was watching my class so i could go get "felt up", lol. (this was not at all what i was expecting when i went to the doc today, but i guess you have to suck it up sometimes.) it's always a big deal when storms come through because angie is not one to enjoy them, she's a little scared of the wind. just to show how much i appreciate you ang, i'm going to post a most flattering picture of you with your rolly cart....i know you'll love it. :)
even though the storms are getting in the way of my running schedule, today when drew and i were going home we saw the neatest double rainbow. one was very bright and i tried to take a picture with my phone but couldn't zoom in very close. this is the best i could do while driving.

enjoy the rest of this warm day, tomorrow is going to get cold!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things

1. i have to have a diet coke with my coffee every morning. heavy on the cream, absolutely NO sguar. if i don't, watch out.
2. i am crazy for dogs. i love lots of animals, but dogs are my favorite. (cats kinda creep me out.)
3. i am afraid of the dark. still. one too many stories of "who stole my golden arm".
4. i secretly love teaching....i know i complain about it sometimes, but i love my kids.
5. when i was little, i would make chocolate chip cookies, then hide them in my sock drawer so i could have them for breakfast.
6. running makes me feel like i'm accomplishing something. everytime i finish i always feel proud of myself. i will run my first half marathon in april and i can't wait to cross the finish line.
8. the kids at school call me the candy monster....i don't know why. :)
9. i have so many pet peeves it's ridiculous....slow drivers, listening to people eat, tapping noises, dishes in the sink...many, many more.
10. i take 2 showers a day, sometimes 3.
11. i'm a bit obsessive and a lot sarcastic.
12. i love reading. i will read just about anything...cereal boxes, books, reader's digest, stories online, news, textbooks.....angie got me hooked on Us Weekly a few years ago and now my mother-in-law brings them to me every week from their store so that solves my magazine fix. christina brings me books so that solves my book fetish.
13. i'm very self-conscious though a little less since i've had drew. after having a baby, humility kind of flies out the window.
14. when i was little i always wanted to be a country singer.
15. i used to burn holes in my papaw's recliner with a magnifying glass and the sun coming through the window. of course i swore i didn't know how those holes got in the arm of the chair.
16. my brother, jim bob (our friend) and i used to entertain ourselves by having acorn fights. we each got a 5 gallon bucket, collected all the acorns we could find, then hid behind trees and launched them at each other with slingshots. yes, it hurt.
17. i met my husband at storyhour when we were 3 or 4. we have some very neat pictures together when we were little.
18. sometimes i cuss. okay, a lot of times i cuss. the bad thing is, most of the time i don't feel guilty about it.
19. i only went out to a bar one time in college. within 15 minutes we were thrown out. not really my scene...
20. i love so many different types of music: bluegrass, ac/dc, journey, john prine, the steeldrivers, seven mary three, boston, BRUCE!, rod stewart, perry como, elton john, george strait, dean martin....the list goes on and on.
21. i love mashed potatoes and peas mixed together.
22. i worry. a lot.
23. i'm addicted to reality t.v. -- real housewives, real world, intervention, i survived...., cops, bad girls club....
24. tim and i have been together over ten years.
25. i do want more kids but i agree with brittany, i want to enjoy drew as a baby as much as i can first.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

a lot has happened

boy, since the last time i blogged it seems like so much has happened! first of all, our electricity went out last tuesday and didn't come back on until this monday. the lights i can do without, but i love my hot water! below are some pictures of what drew did as soon as we were completely out of hot'll see why we needed it, badly.
mamaw went for her biopsy monday and today the results came back showing NO cancer. we are so, so thankful and know that prayers make such a difference. she has been recommended to a neurologist for the pain in her back but i'm not sure she will go. i was already using my powers of persuasion to try and get her to go when i called today....maybe she will, we'll see.
next, i am so very excited to say angie and joe brett are expecting their first little one in august. sometimes i'm not sure who's more excited, them or me! :) ha, ha. whether we have little pink outfits for a baby girl, or those texas longhorn colors on a boy, this is going to be one very lucky baby.
and last, tim just got a call that his dad was hit head on on his way home from work today. thank goodness he is okay except for a few cuts and bruises on his head. evidently two boys crossed the yellow line and hit him head on @ natural bridge. two wrecks in two months where he's totalled his trucks....the good thing is his truck is big and he was not hurt. he needed a new work truck anyway, his had 400,000 miles on it and it was only 7 years old!

my sweet boy...we learned how to do lots of new things when the electricity went off.

had ruby not been laying on the couch peacefully, i would have suspected she was the culprit in the next picture.

two minutes alone and this is what you get! in the time it took him to walk from the living room to the kitchen, and me to pick up a few toys, this is what happened. an entire FAMILY size container of spaghetti sauce was somehow opened and dumped on the kitchen floor. of course, drew had just had a bath with the last of the hot water so clean up was a little tricky....have you ever noticed how pasta sauce stains tupperware? well, drew was a little stained when this was all over, it wouldn't come off!


yes, ruby is licking the sauce off his feet while i cleaned the floor.

no more beautiful pear tree, ugh!