Wednesday, February 18, 2009

tornado watches are beginning to get old

last wednesday we had tornado warnings, this week tornado watches....and now it's going to get cold again tomorrow. not only do these things get the kids all excited, today i wasn't even there when it happened. my main concern was whether i need to go get drew and just leave the doctor altogether but the radio said it was just severe storms, no tornados had shown up on the radar.
thank you to angie who was watching my class so i could go get "felt up", lol. (this was not at all what i was expecting when i went to the doc today, but i guess you have to suck it up sometimes.) it's always a big deal when storms come through because angie is not one to enjoy them, she's a little scared of the wind. just to show how much i appreciate you ang, i'm going to post a most flattering picture of you with your rolly cart....i know you'll love it. :)
even though the storms are getting in the way of my running schedule, today when drew and i were going home we saw the neatest double rainbow. one was very bright and i tried to take a picture with my phone but couldn't zoom in very close. this is the best i could do while driving.

enjoy the rest of this warm day, tomorrow is going to get cold!


Jb and AnGiE said...

HA, HA! I always said I would never be caught dead with a roll cart AND the only time it's pulled out is for those d@*# math trainings. I sure am glad that you captured this moment...JB is gonna love it!

jenn said...

i know i love the picture because i like to make fun. and I will be rolling one soon. awesome!