Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things

1. i have to have a diet coke with my coffee every morning. heavy on the cream, absolutely NO sguar. if i don't, watch out.
2. i am crazy for dogs. i love lots of animals, but dogs are my favorite. (cats kinda creep me out.)
3. i am afraid of the dark. still. one too many stories of "who stole my golden arm".
4. i secretly love teaching....i know i complain about it sometimes, but i love my kids.
5. when i was little, i would make chocolate chip cookies, then hide them in my sock drawer so i could have them for breakfast.
6. running makes me feel like i'm accomplishing something. everytime i finish i always feel proud of myself. i will run my first half marathon in april and i can't wait to cross the finish line.
8. the kids at school call me the candy monster....i don't know why. :)
9. i have so many pet peeves it's ridiculous....slow drivers, listening to people eat, tapping noises, dishes in the sink...many, many more.
10. i take 2 showers a day, sometimes 3.
11. i'm a bit obsessive and a lot sarcastic.
12. i love reading. i will read just about anything...cereal boxes, books, reader's digest, stories online, news, textbooks.....angie got me hooked on Us Weekly a few years ago and now my mother-in-law brings them to me every week from their store so that solves my magazine fix. christina brings me books so that solves my book fetish.
13. i'm very self-conscious though a little less since i've had drew. after having a baby, humility kind of flies out the window.
14. when i was little i always wanted to be a country singer.
15. i used to burn holes in my papaw's recliner with a magnifying glass and the sun coming through the window. of course i swore i didn't know how those holes got in the arm of the chair.
16. my brother, jim bob (our friend) and i used to entertain ourselves by having acorn fights. we each got a 5 gallon bucket, collected all the acorns we could find, then hid behind trees and launched them at each other with slingshots. yes, it hurt.
17. i met my husband at storyhour when we were 3 or 4. we have some very neat pictures together when we were little.
18. sometimes i cuss. okay, a lot of times i cuss. the bad thing is, most of the time i don't feel guilty about it.
19. i only went out to a bar one time in college. within 15 minutes we were thrown out. not really my scene...
20. i love so many different types of music: bluegrass, ac/dc, journey, john prine, the steeldrivers, seven mary three, boston, BRUCE!, rod stewart, perry como, elton john, george strait, dean martin....the list goes on and on.
21. i love mashed potatoes and peas mixed together.
22. i worry. a lot.
23. i'm addicted to reality t.v. -- real housewives, real world, intervention, i survived...., cops, bad girls club....
24. tim and i have been together over ten years.
25. i do want more kids but i agree with brittany, i want to enjoy drew as a baby as much as i can first.

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The Mrs. & Mama said...

I love diet coke and coffee...haha werid huh?