Thursday, February 5, 2009

a lot has happened

boy, since the last time i blogged it seems like so much has happened! first of all, our electricity went out last tuesday and didn't come back on until this monday. the lights i can do without, but i love my hot water! below are some pictures of what drew did as soon as we were completely out of hot'll see why we needed it, badly.
mamaw went for her biopsy monday and today the results came back showing NO cancer. we are so, so thankful and know that prayers make such a difference. she has been recommended to a neurologist for the pain in her back but i'm not sure she will go. i was already using my powers of persuasion to try and get her to go when i called today....maybe she will, we'll see.
next, i am so very excited to say angie and joe brett are expecting their first little one in august. sometimes i'm not sure who's more excited, them or me! :) ha, ha. whether we have little pink outfits for a baby girl, or those texas longhorn colors on a boy, this is going to be one very lucky baby.
and last, tim just got a call that his dad was hit head on on his way home from work today. thank goodness he is okay except for a few cuts and bruises on his head. evidently two boys crossed the yellow line and hit him head on @ natural bridge. two wrecks in two months where he's totalled his trucks....the good thing is his truck is big and he was not hurt. he needed a new work truck anyway, his had 400,000 miles on it and it was only 7 years old!

my sweet boy...we learned how to do lots of new things when the electricity went off.

had ruby not been laying on the couch peacefully, i would have suspected she was the culprit in the next picture.

two minutes alone and this is what you get! in the time it took him to walk from the living room to the kitchen, and me to pick up a few toys, this is what happened. an entire FAMILY size container of spaghetti sauce was somehow opened and dumped on the kitchen floor. of course, drew had just had a bath with the last of the hot water so clean up was a little tricky....have you ever noticed how pasta sauce stains tupperware? well, drew was a little stained when this was all over, it wouldn't come off!


yes, ruby is licking the sauce off his feet while i cleaned the floor.

no more beautiful pear tree, ugh!


jenn said...

You need to write a book called, Dogs helped me raise my baby...

I like it. So happy for Angie and JB. Imagine the hair that girl would have!

Jb and AnGiE said...

Great news about Mamaw....God is good!

Did Drew learn to be a window licker...he, he!

Glad Tim's dad is okay and he wasn't injured in the accident.

Yes, and already I call the baby a she and JB calls it a he, it's quite funny the looks we give one another when we talk about the baby. And thanks for keeping our news a secret for sooo long! I know that's was hard to do, you're a fabulous friend!