Sunday, March 1, 2009

ooooh, what a mess!

tim and i are going to get new carpet in the next week or is much needed and we've already been to pick out the carpet and set up times for them to come and measure the house. we have wanted to remove the brick in the basement living room since the day we moved in but we've never had the chance because we would have had to replace the carpet immediately. the brick from the fireplace was extended out by the builders of the house about 5 feet and shaped in a semi-circle. it was an absolute waste of space and u-g-l-y. we've always just placed the couch in front of it so you can't see it....drew now has a facination with the brick and we can't keep him off of it when he's downstairs.
today was the day we started tearing all that brick out. oh my, what a mess. bob came over to help tim while i took care of drew upstairs. oddly enough, a one year old is not the greatest helper when it comes to demolition. ;)
the boys didn't think they would be making as big of a mess as the demo turned out to be so they didn't move anything out of the basement before starting. the couch is now covered in brick dust along with the t.v. stand and all the other doo-dads down there. i snapped a few pictures to document just how big a mess this is becoming as they began moving stuff out.

you can see all the dust on the lens of my camera.

in the end, i'm so happy to be getting rid of the awful brick, i don't even care about the mess. after we get the brick torn out we have to repaint. the color is not good and we're going to paint before the new carpet is laid.
i've also included a few pictures of drew....of course. these are when i went in to get him up from an unusually long nap and he didn't wake up right away like he usually does. i actually had time to run and get my camera and get one of him fast asleep. the other is right after he woke up. so sweet. :)


SAS said...

How sweet! I can't believe Drew is growing up so fast. He isn't a baby anymore. :( I can't wait to see the new living room. :)

jenn said...

jeanne told me about your tooth. uhhhhhh! i'm so sorry. come work at star bucks for dental :)

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gloth: its going to take a gloth of money to get a root canal..