Monday, March 9, 2009

yes i'm from eastern kentucky, but that does not mean i am toothless....yet.

in the last week i have finally had to give in to an 8 year hiatus from the dentist. after my last visit to my dentist/orthodontist when i was in college, she nearly killed me and i swore i would never go back again. tuesday as i was sitting in the hospital waiting room having bloodwork done, i came to the conclusion that i was going to have to actually go. i had made the appointment the day before with my old childhood dentist but i don't think it sunk in until the next morning. the odd thing is, i could not wait to go. i thought anything was better than the horrible pain i was constantly experiencing.
as i sat and listened to my audiobook, sTori Telling, during my bloodwork, (I know, the book was a guilty pleasure but it was very interesting), the throbbing continued to get worse and worse. i went to the hospital pharmacy and bought yet another bottle of tylenol. i'd already taken a bottle of advil since last thursday when the pain began to get unbearable but i couldn't help it, i was a little out of my head i think. it's a wonder i didn't just turn the bottle up and down a bunch. i really considered ripping the red wax off my bottle of jim beam (that i proudly made at the distillery) and taking a few advil with that but thought better of it. anyway, i went to the dentist, they took and x-ray and wonderful dr. hill said, "oh yeah, that's a dead nerve in that tooth with a lot of infection at the root." oh.
my next question was "what are you going to do to me?" he laughed in his slightly maniacal way (that i love) and then became very serious saying, "you do want to keep the tooth, right?"
in my head i was screaming I DON'T CARE! pull the flippin' thing right now if you want, just make it stop hurting!
i go back for a root canal during spring break. what's really bad is that i scheduled a root canal around my running schedule. i've got 5 miles to do that morning before i go.....
after driving from home to waco and back to richmond that morning, i had gone to irvine to dr. hill's then from irvine all the way to the pharmacy in richmond, back out to get drew in waco, then back to the pharmacy. i think i ran out a tank of gas that day but it was worth it because at the end of the day i picked up some wonderful pills and headed on home. thank goodness tim's mom called and wanted to take drew home for a little bit because i was completely done. i went to bed at 6:00 tuesday evening and did not get back up until friday morning at 10:00. tim had to bring drew down to say good morning and good night. i cried because i couldn't get up and take care of him....what a horrible feeling.
i was swelled worse than when i had my surgery on my mouth because all the infection was drawn out into my face. i knew it was bad but i didn't think it was that bad until jeanne and jennifer let out their ohhhh's today when i showed them the pictures. yes, i documented. nice, huh? i don't even remember taking the picture the first day. wonder what else i don't remember from last week?
i'm much better now and thank you to all my buds that called, texted (because you know i'm not answering a phone, ha!) and brought me a frosty. :) you guys are such good friends....and true friends. how do i know? because you give me your honest opinion about what my face really looked like, thanks.
and because i have no vanity left, here are the pictures documenting my face explosion.
a little perspective -- this is what my face normally looks like.
day 1
day 2
day 3

day 4

i kept drew with me on friday (day 4) and i think i swelled back up a little because i was up much more than i had been all week.


SAS said...

Ouch Sis! That looks painful!! I haven't busted my Maker's Mark open yet either, but I think I might have for that. I hope you are feeling better. Love ya!

The Mrs. and Mama said...

OUCH! I hate my mouth hurting, it sucks. Hope you feel better soon!!

Jb and AnGiE said...

Your face looks beautiful now....sorry you had to go through that, though.

Tommy said...

sorry about the mouth pain...if you smoke a clove it will help. it naturally relaxes the muscles and is a painkiller at the same time.
it also naturally screws your lungs up, but it is worth no more mouth pain.
i am glad you are not toothless or fallen into the trap of mountain dew mouth... even though you and i both know it is "mountain holler" mouth (wuth a save-a-lot who drinks mountain dew?).