Saturday, October 11, 2008

i wonder if administrators do?

i was downstairs just now, folding my 100th load of clothes today when tim said something that got me thinking....
as i was throwing his clothes to him to fold (since he hasn't done that in quite some time) and we were folding together, he said, "i've got to order some new work clothes." he's greeted with silence. crickets chirping. not even ruby was barking. it just hits me like a ton of bricks that nearly every other profession gives their employees some sort of compensation for their work attire. i shoot back a sarcastic "must be nice" comment and he tells me that even lowly, low-paid newscasters get a clothing allowance. ugh!
i'm not talking uniform or anything, but it would be nice for our employer to provide some sort of clothing stipend, polo, something for us to be able to wear that looks nice. lord knows i live for those days when i can just grab one of my waco shirts and throw it on, not having to worry about having a t-shirt on...but even those we have to pay for out of our own pocket. ragan brought angie and i a "fire kid" shirt the other day since we didn't realize we could have gotten one by listing our size on the order sheet as well. that's just one more "i don't have time, i'll just wear this" shirt i can add to my collection, and i thank ragan kindly for smuggling us one. :)
i wonder if administrators get some sort of allowance....i might have to look into that one. i'd bet $50 bucks that i don't have they do.
oh well, just another one of those cons in the profession we chose i guess. good thing the pros outweigh them on most days.....

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Jb and AnGiE said...

I'm all about a stipend for clothing.. I might just pretend like we get one. Do you think JB will know? hahahaha!