Saturday, November 15, 2008

A First Birthday

over a year ago, i would receive a daily phone call around 10:00 every morning. for three months i would wait for the call from mam and pap asking if moses was still in his papoose. since my papaw really, truly wanted me to name the baby moses, i laughingly went along with the name when they called.the bedrest thing really had them upset so they had to check (sometimes twice a day) to make sure drew wasn't ready to come. mamaw insisted that i put the police/fire/ambulance service numbers in my phone in case i went into labor at home by myself. what a difference one year can make!

before i had drew i was so sure i would not be a good mom. i was certain i had no idea what to do. what if he got sick? what if he cried all the time? what if my baby was a boy? i didn't know how to take care of a boy!

well, i'm still not sure i'm as good a mom as i can be, i guess time will tell. i know i try my best to be everything drew needs....lately that has been the person who puts him down and steps away when he starts to throw a tantrum. as for my worry that he would get sick, we made 4 trips back to the hospital during drew's first 4 days home because of jaundice. (i know that's not technically "sick" by many standards, but to a new mom, it's sick.) drew did cry for the first 8 weeks nonstop...morning, noon and night. and, to my surprise, he was a boy, ha! i was certain it was going to be a girl....maybe because i wasn't sure what i was supposed to do with a boy. (and how the heck was i supposed to take care of a circumcision?!?!)

luckily, drew is resilient. we've made it almost a year and i am still stunned that we just celebrated my baby's first birthday. to tell the truth, i'm a little sad. i'm happy that i have such a happy, healthy baby, but i'm sad because i just can't believe a whole year has past.

we celebrated drew's birthday today though his birthday is actually the 18th. my family was able to come down and we all ate, opened presents, had cake, took pictures and laughed. drew got a "rock, roll and ride" tricycle from tim and i, books and clothes from mom and dad, clothes from gig and uncle, a car hauler/animal truck from rue and josh, a great uk outfit from abby, push cars from bob and kathy and an awesome time out bench with a parking meter "time-out" timer, (that one was hilarious) from mam and pap. mam also brought him a potty chair for future use....too bad we can't teach ruby to use it too.

we enjoyed our day so much and were so glad our family came out in the nasty, cold weather. :)
pre-party snack

drew & his papaw

drew & his mamaw

drew & momma

drew & aunt rue playing with new toys

on his new time-out bench....only mamaw would give this one!

drew & gigmaw

the cake didn't quite turn out the way i had pictured, ha! betty crocker does not live in this house.

getting ready for cake! all that practice blowing out candles and in the end, he tried to grab it instead of blowing it out....oh, well.

mamaw feeding him more ice cream.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”


Jb and AnGiE said...

I'm so glad the party was a success! The cake looked fantastic, too. Happy 1st Birthday to that sweet boy of yours.

jenn said...

Being a good mom is something you need not questions yourself about. The fact that you love him and sacrifice for Drew is more telling of your abilities than any extrinisic signs you do. I'm proud of you, being a seasoned don't-know-if-I'm-the-best-mom kinda mom, but know you are a great role model for many around you.

Yeah for birthdays!!!