Monday, December 1, 2008

1 down....

i have decided that i will post 25 entries to my blog to honor the 25 days before christmas. since i can no longer find advent calendars, this shall be our advent calendar my friends. it will be a daily dose of funny christmas spirit all leading up to the birthday of Jesus. i am sure he will be pleased that i am honoring his birth in such a modern fashion.

i always loooovvvvveeeddddd advent calendars and would get so excited when mom put one up on the fridge. having 4 kids in the house, it took a while to get to our "turn" to open the little door or window covering our number. this was the beginning of many knock-down drag out fights between 4 children arguing over whose turn it was that day....all in the name of our sweet baby Jesus. we probably all deserved coal for that one. well, me anyway. (i can equate the opening of the advent calendar to the games of sorry! that took place in my youth....these games usually ended with me being sent to my room because i could not stand to lose and would throw a horrible fit.) i can't remember if i ever got sent to my room for fighting over the advent calendar...since i remember nearly everything from my days of tantrums, i would say mom must have taken pity on me and not banished me over that one.

for my first advent entry, i have had to change my choice of photo just now.....all because i just found out tommy's faithful dog, wondergirl, died this morning. it almost made me cry. you all know what a dog lover i am, (much to tim's dismay), and i cannot stand it any time something happens to an animal. tommy, i know you loved wondergirl and i am so sorry she died this morning...:(

however, the advent spirit must go on. instead of posting my original choice of photo, (which i will post tomorrow), i have chosen one to honor wondergirl. may she always be the one in doggie heaven to issue the triple dog dare and never the one to accept. here's to you, wondergirl.


Tommy said...

this almost made me cry, but i smiled really big... thank you summer!

jenn said...

we had advent calendars at Starbucks. If I had known you wanted one I would have got one. i can't wait for these 25 days!

Jb and AnGiE said...

So excited! Can't wait to read these next twenty-five blogs.

Oh yeah, no way...I can't believe you would throw a fit if you lost to your siblings. HA!

BTW, I hope little precious did okay with his checkup this afternoon, or better yet his mommy.