Sunday, December 14, 2008

You'll shoot your eye out kid!

here are the promised pictures....and boy are they flattering! the pic above was one taken before the race. we were freezing. it couldn't have been much above 20 degrees and i don't think any of us felt our fingers or toes even after we started running. normally you warm up even in the farthest extremities but not at this one. though we went through a little pain, it was all worth it in the end. again i will say, WE WON!
we paid special attention to detail with our real red ryder bb gun, (thank you shannon and emory), a red bar of soap, fish net stockings and a lamp shade with fringe, a tongue stuck to a pole, a coon skin cap, goggles for flick, a broomstick to make beth's arms stick out like randy's and of course the glasses. through the race we took wrong turns, got tangled up in lights, grabbed treats from the present table, had to stop to remove bunny feet--then stop to put them back on at the end, remove layers of clothing from bobbi, grab a dropped camera, dropped scarf, dropped glasses and bunny ears and avoid many, many children that were about to get taken out by beth's arms -- which she had absolutely no control over. she did very well considering she had a broomstick through her sleeves....she only hit one little girl and one truck. i said "beep-beep" but i guess the little girl didn't hear me in time so she got clipped. well, nailed. nailed, clipped, who's counting?
we had such a good time, we are already planning for next year. :)

randy (beth), farkas (bobbi), the pink nightmare (me), santa (pam), mom (julie) ralphie (marie) leg lamp (jennifer) and of course flick (jeanne)

coming down the homestretch....beth looks like she has bunny ears.

jeanne with her tongue stuck to the pole.
who said "i triple dog dare you"?
notice the lady beside her staring...we got that same look all morning from everyone we passed.

almost done!

pam looks like she's not sure if she wants to eat the banana or the gun.

thank you for this flattering picture, tyler. i truly appreciate it.


jenn said...

i love th picture of you drinking hot chocolate. LOVE IT!

Jb and AnGiE said...

I love the pictures and I'm so sad I couldn't be a part of the year! about this snow day. :)