Saturday, December 6, 2008


today was shopping day and i think i've gotten most of mine taken care of.
i don't know if the parade last night kept everyone from coming back out today or if everyone is going to lexington to shop but there wasn't the big crowd i'd expected, thank goodness.
we ate then shopped....i got all my stuff taken care of for my ripples of hope child and i think that really made my day. (i got my uncle's present taken care of as well since i drew his name for christmas.) ripples is a nonprofit organization my friend kelly's husband co-founded. they provide thanksgiving baskets, christmas gifts, backpacks and an easter delivery for kids in the community in need. we are also sponsoring a child for my class at school instead of doing gift exchanges this year. sometimes i think our kids really don't understand how much they're blessed with. drew has more than he needs and i know we all see kids everyday who don't and probably won't even get what they need to make it -- food, clothes, a coat, shoes.
i know lots of people think it may not be a good idea in this day and time to buy items and give them to kids because their parents will most likely take them and resell or trade it for money, cigarettes, drugs, etc. however, when i see that a 4 year old child does not have a coat or shoes, i know they can't help that their parents are crappy. and sometimes, these kids have parents that do try and just can't make it. either way, it makes me feel good to know that i can possibly make some kid's christmas a little happier because they get a toy or new clothes. my girl was a 13 year old and she'll be getting all the girly stuff a teenager needs...i hope she enjoys. :)

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jenn said...

it stresses me that i only have internet access at few times because i can't keep up with your posts. i love these! good idea. hope the dinner was good last night.