Tuesday, December 23, 2008

christmas eve eve

oh, tomorrow is one of my very favorite days of the year! i think i've always loved christmas eve more than christmas day....maybe it's the anticipation, i'm not sure. i am so excited to see drew with all his presents christmas morning i can't stand it. we'll have to keep up our tradition and let him open one small gift on christmas eve. i'm hoping since his birthday he will know about unwrapping presents a little better come christmas morning.
he is starting to talk like crazy, i can't believe all the babbling he's doing. today i was showing him a book with animals, pointing to them and naming them as we went through. when i got to the fish, i said it then he repeated "shish". i love it! he points at it now and says "sh, sh". his grandpa is going to flip when he hears it....maybe that will be his christmas present from drew!
be safe in your travels tomorrow if you're out and about. i have a feeling tim's going to have me out doing a few last minute deals. :)

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