Monday, December 22, 2008

two dimes, two pennies

mom and hayley came down and we braved the cold for some shopping. we met tim in lexington and returned a few things while also getting a good deal on mom's new christmas present. i have never been able to keep presents for mom, that's why i try not to buy them until the last minute. today was no different. tim and i got away with buying her gift without being found out while in the store, but before we even got out of the store we had given it to her. it was a camera....she needs to know how to use it before the christmas gathering, right?
drew was such a good little shopper again today. tim and i cracked up in target because he was getting sleepy....something about target makes him want a nap. trying to do everything to please him, i handed him his stuffed elephant and he promptly reared back and launched it as far as it would go. i was about three feet ahead of tim and drew, pushing the buggy, when i see a gray streak fly by my ear and land in the buggy. i was a little shocked, then i said, "that's my boy!" he does need a good arm for those future sporting events....

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