Sunday, December 21, 2008


we were able to get a little last minute shopping done today. we are going to go back out in the frigid weather tomorrow to get the rest of it done. though drew was an absolute trooper today, he started getting very tired and we had to call it quits in order to get home for a nap. he is so funny in all the stores....when he sees someone coming down an aisle, he just laughs and smiles, waving at them. he's a very happy boy.
drew had also started saying "thank you" when we hand him something. i guess he's picking up different things we say lately. everytime i hand him something i'll say please before i give it to him and thank you after. it sounds a little more like "tink to" but hey, i know what he's trying to say. :) when tim realized what he'd said today he said, "wow, wouldn't it be nice if we raised a little boy with good manners?" i just looked at him, a little stunned and said "do you honestly think he's going to be allowed to be anything other than polite and mannerly?" i guess i just never thought of it as being an option. now i'm having these thoughts where we raise this rude, impolite little boy!
since we didn't finish our last minute shopping today, we'll go back out tomorrow. i'll have drew so bundle up he's probably going to be sweating. wish us luck!

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