Monday, December 15, 2008

happy birthday, jeanne and other randomness

today was officially jeanne's birthday though we kind of celebrated last week. it's a good thing, too because she ended up going home sick. i barely even got to mouth a quick happy birthday to her this morning and i saw her no more the entire day.
school was a little crazy today....everyone's schedule's are so mixed up this time of year. christmas store, potlucks, sickness, and talk of bad weather just fuel the fire. if we get snow tonight and school is called off, i'll....i'll....well, i'll believe it when it happens. let's just say i'll be laying my clothes out tonight and getting drew's things ready just like every other night. i hate breaking routine.
i haven't blessed you with any randomness lately and i've been thinking:
  • why has my baby decided he needs to carry around a dust pan and broom everywhere he goes lately?
  • will i always call him my baby, even when he's 50 years old. (i already know the answer to that one....of course.)
  • don't you wish when you hit that "next blog" button at the top of the blogger page, and you get to a really cool looking blog, everything wasn't in flippin' japanese? tonight i came across and arabic one with lots of's kind of like when you're getting your nails done and all the people working there are jabbering up a storm. you just know they're talking about you. total paranoia.
  • will ruby ever settle down?
  • why does drew always have to poop after i've given him a bath and wrestled him into a diaper and sleeper? no matter how long we wait!
  • why, when drew does fill his britches, does he go under the kitchen table to do it? such an odd place to choose for privacy...
  • do i have whooping cough? in the middle of the night, i've succeeded in convincing myself it's true.
  • why is night always a time for thoughts to creep out and make you think you're crazy?
  • will my buddy get to feeling better soon? it stinks knowing they feel like you-know-what and i feel helpless.
  • will i ever find a gift for uncle jon? should i just go for cigarettes and beer and call it a gift?
  • will the weatherman finally be right? you know, we teach our kids a prediction is an educated guess or they need a refresher?
  • what will i do when i've finished my last twilight book?
  • is waylon really a dog or should i start researching reincarnation a little more? sometimes, i think he's human.
  • should i whack that kid tomorrow that keeps telling the other kids there's no santa? he told my kids santa was dead. DEAD! i promptly told him santa was like jesus, he would always be there. either i get points deducted from the hell ticket, or i get them added on for making a slight comparison of santa and baby jesus. i really think i'll get points deducted because that really made my kids happy. they now think santa and jesus are either related or just best buds....
  • can i get fired for the jesus/santa talk? ah, i'll just say i was teaching them about similes.


jenn said...

so the shirt with the Santa and phone from someecards saying, "i'm not real..." is out for a gift for you this year? you're so sensitive anymore, geez! I'm taking my last two finals in the next two hours!!!!!! and I'm ready for them which is a killer bonus!

SRoSeNcRaNs said...

i'm as serious about santa as i am about my running...don't mess with the bearded one, okay?