Wednesday, December 17, 2008

advent seventeen

17 days down, woo-hoo!
today, it's songs. christmas songs. some of them i love, some i can't stand....i have to say thank you to kate and hayley for always making sure i have to hear that one song i can't stand yet i'll sing it all day long -- paul mccartney's simply having a wonderful christmastime. i cannot stand that song!
songs i love:

  • blue christmas - only elvis
  • o holy night
  • hark the herald angels sing
  • silent night
  • angels we have heard on high
  • noel
  • away in a manger
  • baby its cold (the bing crosby/doris day version)
  • do you hear what i hear - i will forever picture mrs. eversole when i hear this
  • emmanuel
  • any charlie brown christmas music
  • christmas canon rock - always reminds me of sarah....
  • carol of the bells
  • we three kings
  • joy to the world - oh, eloise trying to out sing mrs. eversole....great memories
  • and the angels cried

i guess i just love church at christmas and i always loved the music....when the lights were turned out and nothing but candles were giving off light, what a warm feeling. i insisted that drew be baptized at church last christmas even though he was only about 4 weeks old. tim was baptized along with him and i was so happy we could do that at christmas. it's always seemed so special and especially so since drew's formal acceptance into the church, where tim and i pledged to always care for him and teach him the way to be a good person, a good christian, was at christmas.

okay, mushy stuff aside, here are some of the not-so-favorites:

  • of course, simply having a wonderful christmastime
  • hard candy christmas
  • deck the halls
  • where are you christmas
  • my grown up christmas list
  • we wish you a merry christmas
  • let it snow
  • santa baby

i'm not sure why i don't like these, i just don't care for them very much.
i used to really not like the little drummer boy but since our kids at school sing it for their program nearly every year, i have come to love it. i crack up every time they sing "pa-rrrrrum pum pum pum". everytime they get a little louder until they're basically yelling at the end. hilarious.

i started thinking about songs because we've been listening to christmas music in my room the last few weeks. i've been a little peeved at one of my kids because he keeps telling my other kids santa is not real. he continues to do this even after i've given him "the look". we've had a talk and he still refuses to believe santa is real. that stinks for a kid that age to not believe but it's even worse that they will tell their classmates and send everyone into a frenzy. i tell them over and over, you have to believe to receive. i still believe...there were many christmas's when we would have gotten very little had there not been a little santa somewhere to help mom and dad out. santa comes in many i told the kids, santa is like jesus - you can't see him, but you better believe in him.

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