Sunday, December 7, 2008

day 7 -- laziness

day 7 is dedicated to laziness....we've been lazy today, mostly laying around the house trying to stay warm.

drew did not sleep much last night so i didn't get into bed until 3:30 this morning. luckily, he slept late and tim got up and cleaned up the kitchen, cooked breakfast and folded clothes. ahhhh, that was a nice thing to wake up to. after we had a late breakfast, we got ready and headed out to target. drew's clothing supply seems to keep depleting (kind of like the socks in the washer) so he had to have some new clothes. he got two new outfits and he's going to look like such a big boy in them especially since he's walking everywhere these days. i think for christmas i'll get him some big boy tennis shoes, too. we all know how i looovvvveeeee tennis shoes. :)

on a thankful note, our family is very thankful his dad wasn't hurt yesterday. he was headed to ohio and when he got to florence he heard an advisory about the weather and turned around to come back home. he came back home, stopped by their shell station, then headed back home. when he was headed home, a car on a side street couldn't stop because of the icy roads and he nailed her going about 55 mph. he has a few cuts -- a busted lip and cut/bruised nose and some cuts on his hands but otherwise okay. we expected him to get up and be very sore today but he said he felt pretty good except for his thumbs being jammed and sore. too bad he can't say the same for his is evidently beyond repair. the girl that hit him had to be taken to the hospital so we hope she's okay today as well. this was his second wreck in two days! the day before, someone ran him off the road and into a guard rail on his way to work. he definitely had someone looking out for him the last few days. :)


jenn said...

i'm thankful he's ok, too! i love sleeping in, i've forgotten what that feels like lately. I also have to say you should have a advent day about the economy and how people still buy 5.oo cups of coffee more to celebrate the Saviours birth. Its a new custom in our ever evolving society.

SRoSeNcRaNs said...

didn't you know, in addition to frankincense and myrrh, the three wisemen also brought coffee. starbuck's coffee at that!