Thursday, December 18, 2008

9 x 2 = 18

yeah, yeah, i've got multiplication on the brain....the kids are having meltdowns over their multiplication quiz while i'm wondering if they're ever gonna memorize these facts. i don't care what the experts say, you have to memorize multiplication facts, no matter how many strategies you have to figure them out, it just works better that way.

one more day until christmas break! it's amazing to me how wild things can get around christmas...i think my head was spinning today. i wrapped about 25 presents before 9:30 while teaching reading and a writing lesson. i ended up having to let my kids help me wrap some of the gifts....i should have taken pictures of their wrapping jobs. then again, they weren't that much worse than mine. :)

i can't remember if i've already mentioned it, but i did not put ornaments on our tree this year. most of mine are old ones mom and tim's mom gave me from when we were both little. lots of mine are paper or felt ones that we made when we were 3 or 4. since we have drew walking now and ruby reeking havoc wherever she goes, i decided it was probably best that we didn't put them on until things settle down a little. if ruby were to eat one of my old ornaments, i might lose it on her. i kept thinking maybe i would end up feeling guilty and get them out. tonight however, i realized i had made a very wise decision. as i was crawling after drew while he was wildly punching buttons on the remote and running, yes running, across the living room ruby gets in my face crunching on something. after i ran my hand down her throat to retrieve the object, i was not surprised to find a christmas light in my hand. i thought well, at least i can replace a single bulb. yes, you could do that if your dog politely chewed only the bulb off. you cannot replace it if she chews the entire wire and bulb off.

as i went to search and see which bulb she got, i promptly jerked my hand back after getting shocked. even though the whole row of lights on the bottom of our prelit tree was dark, the wire was still live. it can't be replaced. how do you restring a prelit tree? oh, well. i just unplugged it, so not to get shocked for the third time, (because once wasn't enough for me to touch the wire, i had to check again to make sure i really did get shocked the first time like a dummy), and bent/wrapped/hid the live wire up under one of the branches.

mom swears she is marley, the yellow lab from the book marley and me. i refuse to read the adult book because i have a feeling what happens to the dog in the end....i'm reading the kid's version of john grogan's book to my kids right now and they love it. maybe ruby is like marley....i still can't help but love her. she is my special dog. :)

she adores drew. maybe because he's always giving her food....

i can't believe how much she's grown since august!

this is the most recent. they were exhausted from playing so hard and when i looked down, this is how they were laying.

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Jb and AnGiE said...

JB wasn't real sure what you were holding in your Christmas card....I said, "that's Ruby" She's so fluffy and fuzzy...I love it!