Sunday, August 23, 2009

end of a vacation

school officially starts tomorrow. i've been cleaning like a mad woman the last two days trying to get everything spiffy before i have no time to do it. i know as soon as i get all the laundry done another load will be waiting for me, but it's so nice to have that 5 minutes when the basket is completely empty. :)

yesterday drew and i went to see mamaw...mine and his. my mamaw (drew's "big" mamaw) has finished 13 treatments and is now dealing with side effects. she was sick all night friday and can't eat because of the blisters in her throat. of course not being able to eat makes her sick to her stomach so she's just doing the best she can. i know she's incredibly tired, but she just keeps going, smiling and laughing as usual.

today drew and i played hide-n-seek...sort of. i hid, he came running calling "mommmmmy". waylon joined in and everywhere i went to hide, he sat right in front of me making me a target. when drew would find me he would do his twisty-tail run and fly back to the couch and wait for me to come tickle him. that game went on for a while, even with waylon ratting me out everytime.

tomorrow is a new day, a new week and the end of our vacation. aside from mamaw being sick, this has been one of the best summers i have had in a long time. drew was so much fun, i got to run nearly everyday, drew loved being pushed in the stroller when we ran and i read tons of books. now it's back to work, back to masters classes, back to cold weather. for now i've got to run, drew's decided he's going to clean out his closet and has half the stuff in the with a toddler--i don't think it could get much better. :o)


Jb and AnGiE said...

I've been thinking about you all morning since today is the first day of school. I hope all went well! Drew is adorable!

The Mrs. and Mama said...

Cute.cute pictures!! I talked to Brandon tonight about babysitters and he said Carson and Drew stay with the same lady now? He said he didn't think she had any more spots open but that he would ask--I go to class Tuesday/Thursdays and right now Cole is scheduled for a daycare in Richmond but I would feel better if he went where I knew people. SO if you know if she will have any openings soon let me know! =) Boo for summer vacation being over!!!

SAS said...

I hope you had a great start back to school. I finally have a class that listens and does as they are told (with the execption of a couple). I love the picture of Drew. Tell Mamaw I am proud of her. We are still praying hard as well. :) Love ya Sis!