Tuesday, March 9, 2010

epic fail

so, the failure on my part is that i had planned on blogging after all my long runs....so far, it's only happened once. :( we are now into week 11 of a 16 week training schedule. it was supposed to be an 18 week schedule but we got started a little late and had to cut two of the shorter recovery runs out.
i've been so busy with school, work, drew and running that i've barely had time to sleep. after our 16 mile run this past weekend, i finally crashed and burned with the whole sleep thing. the runs have been fairly good, with the exception of my 9 mile long run at the beginning of training. on that run, i was muy el sick-o, as skippyjon jones would say....
other than running and school work, drew has become a man of many words. for those that didn't already know, he broke my nose a little over a week ago. horseplay and a two-year-old don't work well for mommy. :) no surgery in the future, hopefully the ol' schnoz will stay in working order so i don't have to think of that in the future. now i'm just waiting for the tenderness and throbbing to pass.
i'll include new pictures in my next post, running out of time now....no pun intended. :)

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