Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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maybe i should do as my uncle always says and just let it matter what it is that's bothering me, just let it go.
i love the smell of rain, drew (even the stinky stuff), tim, waylon after a bath and my mamaw's laundry...mmmm
people would say that i am a control freak, i don't know why.
i don’t understand why people are mean to animals, babies and old people or why people do drugs, i just don't get it.
when i wake up in the morning it feels like i have a little Christmas presnt everyday
i lost my willpower...lost? who said i ever had any to begin with...if i had it to lose it would probably be the will to not eat junk all the time.
life is good...i'm very blessed.
my past is over and hopefully i've learned from my mistakes
i get annoyed by so many things. here's a small list: people who ride my heels with a buggy in the grocery store; fourwheelers racing up and down my street; people who would rather take care of themselves than their families; GAS prices; politics; manipulation; people eating with their mouth open; rude patrons at restaurants; people who are perfectly capable but don't chose to hold the door for a lady with a really heavy baby carrier, purse and diaper bag; having to get up off the couch and go pee when i'm really comfortable...ha!
I love to be with my family and friends, eat
dogs...are one of the many loves of my life
cats .....are not my fave but i am very happy kitty came back home
tomorrow ....will mark 15 more days of school left!
i have low tolerance for ......people who are mean to animals, babies and old people; people who can but won't work; people not willing to work hard for the things they want
i’m totally terrified of .....something happening to my baby, family or animals...and i'm really afraid of the dark.
i wonder why I am always, always, always freaking out.
never in my life did i .... think i would be a teacher
high school ..... is over thank goodness!
when i’m nervous I have panic attacks
one time I ... had a really bad panic attack at wal-mart and had to ditch my buggy and run from the store crying.
take my advice: think of others before yourself and think BEFORE you let something come out of your mouth
making my bed is a must....too bad tim doesn't think so.
i'm almost always thinking about tim, drew and waylon
i’m addicted to reality t.v.
i want someone to tell me that i am secretly rich.....:)

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jenn said...

i hate hitting the "sweet spot" in the bed and having to's like your couch/peeing thing.