Monday, June 9, 2008

Pool Time!

Though I was born in the winter, my mom must have known how much I would love hot weather and swimming pools, therefore naming me Summer. I have to say, for the first time in over a year, I was pleased to put a swimsuit on and plop myself in the pool. Last year at this time I can remember crying because all I had was two piece suits and my belly was getting bigger by the minute....hello, I was not about to let anyone see that awful sight. So, hiding in the safety of either the house or on my little lawn chair down in our garage, I had to enjoy the summer that way.
This summer however, Drew and I have already been happily donning our suits and taking in all the warm weather. Drew had his first day at the pool on Saturday and I am pleased to announce he loved it. I had a feeling he would since his parents are water dogs and he loves bath time so much. With the exception of desperately needing a nap and being a little fussy, he loved the water and his "floatation device" his mamaw got him. A big thanks to Gig-maw for letting us always come to the pool, even when we have to crawl under the garage door to get in when she isn't there, thanks to D-Dog for keeping the pool sparkling clean and warm, thanks to Momma, Bug and Josh for always being ready to help me with Drew....I think he's becoming Josh's mini-me. Since Tim couldn't be at the pool Saturday, we had to make sure and video tape Drew's experience. Hopefully there will be many more to come. Maybe if the weather holds, we'll be able to go again this weekend and Tim will get to see him in person splashing and kicking nonstop.
Oh, and while we were trying to get Drew to take his nap, the biggest thanks of the day should go to Josh and Bug for teaching me, (well, laughing at me), to play Guitar I needed another addiction.

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