Thursday, June 12, 2008

I’m sitting here changing Drew’s diaper and I look down to see I’m peeling from sitting in the sun last week. (And yes, instead of doing laundry and chores while Drew’s napping, I’m sitting on the deck, reading a book!) Anyway, I notice when I start to rub some of the yucky dead skin off that the old bosom ain’t what she used to be….not to say I haven’t noticed before, it’s just a little more noticeable when I’m wearing my swimsuit everyday. It got me thinking about how so many people have plastic surgery to correct whatever they don’t like. I even have a friend that is about five years younger than me, and after having her first baby, wants a boob job. Now, I’m not against boob jobs if that’s what you want, but it’s just not for me. Number one, I don’t prefer to experience pain like that if I don’t have to and number two, though my friend would like a boob job because of what breastfeeding did to her chest, I appreciate what happened to mine. Maybe it’s because I know Drew was given the best stuff God intended him to have as an infant, the fact that I’m a little proud that I was able to give him that nourishment or that I know how much my mamaw had to suffer when she lost one of hers just to survive…..either way, I can definitely say I am going to wear my boobies like a badge of honor, saggy or not.

Mamaw (and Papaw) on her very first lap for Relay for Life....this was the Survivor/Co-Survivor Lap. We were so proud of her after two bouts with cancer in as many years.


jenn said...

Yeah, you are blogging! the pool is awesome and Drew's pics are so great. Now you need to start running again with me and jeanne...

miss ya'll!

JB & Angie said...

Go Mammaw! Good for her, and I'm sorry that you are peeling. I'm peeling on my arms, too. I sat out in the sun this past weekend and read half a book...BIG MISTAKE!