Monday, June 23, 2008

The weekend

"Why do some people use the phrase "Non-working Mother"? Obviously these people have never had children!" Anonymous

This weekend Drew, Waylon and I stayed home all by ourselves. For those of you that know me well, it's not often that a weekend passes by that I don't go home to see my mom and mamaw, not to mention Josh and Hayley. However, with soaring gas prices and the prospect of packing all our things up just for a night or two at home, I just wanted to stay home and be lazy instead.

So, while Tim was off early Friday morning to go camping and ride dirtbikes with the boys, Drew and I settled in for a long weekend at the house. He tried watermelon for the first time but I don't think he ever actually got any in his mouth. He spent half and hour trying to pick it up off his highchair tray....that was hilarious. Finally, I just let him suck on the piece that I had eaten and it worked out much better. Later Saturday night, he went to bed early, around 7:00, only to wake up 45 minutes later, ready to rock and roll. We sat on the deck, Drew in his walker, me with my Us Weekly supply, and enjoyed the music from the neighbors for about an hour and a half. (As a sidenote, no, Drew could not roll off the deck down the step, and yes, I was watching him very close....I know my mamaw will be freaking out when she sees he was in his walker on the deck. :)).

Thanks to Tim's mom, Kathy, for providing me with all the magazines...sometimes my only connection to the outside world. I have to be able to read about the tribulations of all those celebrities in order to keep my own life in perspective, right?

By the end of the weekend, Waylon was sick of seeing the camera out, especially when he just wanted to play with Louie...minus one leg and a tail. Poor monkey. Finally, he just relaxed in the recliner and took a nap....I was wishing I could do the same.
All in all, it was a nice weekend and I liked not having to pack up the house in order to take Drew somewhere for the night, even though I missed seeing my family.

Waylon wishing I would leave him alone.

He's such a ham...anytime he sees the camera he smiles. :)

My weekly supply...I'm a junkie. (Thanks for getting me started Angie!)

He loves the bears on his walker...he talks to them the whole time he's in it.

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jenn said...

ok, so i want to make my blog like yours. you've like upped the anty on this and the music thing is awesome. i need to spend some time on my blog and redo my stuff, but...i can't remember how...

drew is ah-mazing! call me and tell me how to do my blog!