Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thank you, Kelly!

Drew and I had a nice break in our day today when Kelly let us come over to the pool. Drew was much happier this time because he was fresh from a nap. He splashed, kicked and mostly just chilled in the sun. He had such a good time watching the boys play with each other.
Kelly's house was so gorgeous! It just reminds me what a wreck mine is though with all the baby stuff everywhere. I love seeing other people's homes and how they have them arranged but I always get so nervous when someone comes to my house because I feel like it's always so messy and cluttered. Ahh!
Since Landon was taking the pictures, you can't really see Drew's face for his hat. Maybe we'll get some good ones next time. Anytime he lost his teether or rubber ducky, (thanks to Angie, he loves it), he got so ticked...he's a little impatient and I just can't figure out where he gets it
When we got home I thought Drew would be worn out and take another quick nap. Though he fell asleep as soon as we were in the car, he woke up when we got home ready to play. I got some cute pictures of him playing with his towel in the floor. I know when he's finally able to crawl I'm in big trouble!

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jenn said...

i was wondering when she was going to call me and invite me over to the pool! we need to do that "get together in june" thing we had planned.