Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a green thumb i am not

i walked down to the garden tonight to see the grass is beginning to take over....i guess i should have expected it since we were able to till it up as good as we wanted to. tim's mom and dad came over to help me one saturday when tim had to work (imagine that!) and we planted a few things.
now, if you don't already know, i can't grow squat. really. tim's mom took pity on me, since she has ten green fingers instead of a green thumb, and even came to our house and planted all our flowers/plants last year. that woman can grow anything!
she and bob brought some tomato plants over a few weeks ago and tim and i had a few sets of seeds to plant as well. when i walked down to the garden, i saw the tomatoes and zuchinni that kathy planted flourishing. on the other hand, my watermelon and carrots (what i had hoped would do the best) seems to be floundering. now, they're doing better than a week ago when i hauled bucket after bucket of water to the bottom of the hill to water them all since the hose won't reach. i just about broke my back, ended up soaking wet and sweaty, while trying to keep drew occupied and chasing waylon down in the neighbor's yard. so, why the hell can't my plants flourish?!?! :) oh well, maybe they're just late bloomers....if i actually grow anything we can eat on my side of the garden, i'll be sure to take a picture and let you know, i'll be so proud of myself.

i took these from the deck so i couldn't zoom in too close...i'll have to get better ones next time.

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