Friday, April 22, 2011

things i've learned

i've learned....
-you can't make everyone happy, no matter how hard you try.
-maybe i don't want to try so hard to make everyone happy because it doesn't make me happy.
-i'm always going to be one of the people who is stressed to the max.
-being an insomniac is just part of my life.
-kids are sometimes the most honest voice we'll hear.
-looking in the mirror is harder some days than others.
-dogs truly are man's best friend.
-a husband who is a good listener is a blessing.
-a healthy, happy child is worth more than anything in this world.
-a good babysitter is hard to come by...and once you get one, you should treat them like the gold they are.
-i do my best thinking in the shower.
-i'm a guilt-ridden human being...sometimes that makes it very hard on my poor brain.
-i'm not someone who can just "let go". i'm a talker and i've got to talk it out, worry it around,
then talk some more.
-kids are very a point. even up to that point, they're more resilient than most adults.
-no matter how much i want it to be true, life is just never going to be fair. people play dirty and
the game gets heated.
-knowing you did a great job is better than ever getting the credit for it.
-humbleness is a word we all need to evaluate more closely.
-we're all a little self-centered

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