Friday, July 18, 2008

"I'm not getting married till I'm at least 50."

Well, I told him that probably wouldn't work, but this is what my brother told me several years ago. He swore he wouldn't get married until he was much older....I guess I was right again!

We are headed to Ohio today for my brother Josh and his fiancee Rue's engagement party. Josh is a year older than me though most of the time growing up people always asked if we were twins. (Not sure if that was because they thought I was big or we were just so darn cute.) Anyway, Josh and Rue will be getting married next spring at the Domain, a place we all love. We were all hoping Rue would be "the one" for Josh and it looks like we were granted our wish. I hope they are both happy and enjoy the beginning of their wedding festivities today. Let's just hope Drew cooperates and is a good boy at the party, and Ruby behaves herself at home while we're gone....the former has a much better chance of happening than the latter I'm

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jenn said...

yes on the pool. call me.