Thursday, July 24, 2008


Oh boy, did we have a great time last weekend. Tim, Drew and I made the trip to Springfield, OH last weekend along with family for Josh and Rue's engagement party. We had a great trip and Drew was such a good baby while we were gone. Between sleeping, he sat in his car seat for the long ride and sung, babbled or blew raspberries...his new favorite noise.

We met the rest of my family at Rue's house around 4 pm and began the night of festivities. There was swimming, dogs, (you know I can't go anywhere without the mention of a dog!), great food and drink, good company and great weather though it was pretty humid. We all had a great time though the next day may not have felt quite as good...I think I recall Hayley, my cousin Tim and myself ending the evening with a rendition of some Barry White tunes on the radio. I think Rue's uncle was pretty impressed with our musical prowess.

Rue also showed the girls her wedding dress, which was gorgeous. She is going to make a beautiful bride. I can just imagine how stunning the pictures will be, (as long as Josh and Mom can keep their eyes open in the pictures), especially in the Cathedral when the sun shines through the glassed wall. Hopefully Drew will continue to be a good baby and won't feel the need to scream or run around during the wedding....I'm already worrying about that!

Here are some pictures of the party, wet dogs and all. Congratulations to Josh and Rue!!!
Ahhh, I can't get these any bigger!

Rue's neice, Lee-Lee. She's so cute!

D-Dog (my uncle Donnie) and Rue's Uncle Ormonde

Toby the Golden Retriever waited by the slide for people to go down so he could jump in and save them....

Gig and Mom


jenn said...

Thank you for your advertisement. Ok, I love that there is someone at this pool party in a mock neck turtleneck! Awesome.

I called you. about the pool. call me back playa.


JB & Angie said...

Oh, I'm so happy for Josh and Rue...HOW EXCITING! I'm glad all of you enjoyed yourself, too.