Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Haven't blogged in a while....

Well, I don't really have a whole lot to talk about from the last week or so....Tim and I took Drew to the pool again on Sunday and Monday. He has so much fun, it never gets old. He's started this new thing where he smooshes up his face and blows out his nose. We call it "bullin'", I don't know why. Hayley used to do it when she was little, too. He knows we think it's funny so he'll do it, wait for us to laugh, then he laughs.

We visited the babysitter today which was good. She seems like such a sweet lady and Drew actually crawled over to her....that's a feat considering he usually sticks to me like glue in unfamiliar places. The other boys that were there were sweet also....they are 18 mths and 21 mths, and Drew makes two of them!

I guess now we have to get ready for school to always makes me nervous. I really feel like a slacker this year too because I haven't done much in my room. I just feel guilty leaving Drew to go work in my room when I don't have many days left with him at home. I also know that no matter how much I think I'm prepared, I am not. So, I think I'll just play it by ear, spend time with my baby and let the school thing run it's course. I know we'll work hard and start the year off learning, whether my papers are in order or not.

On a side note, I received an email or two from our former house guests two weeks ago. I stewed and stewed, making Hayley and Tim read and reread the messages before responding. The last email I got from them in May was not something I chose to respond to and evidently that did not sit well. I felt like not saying anything was my best option, and still do. In the latest emails I was blamed for giving them the cold shoulder and "keeping" Tim from being able to hang out with his so-called friend. I was also told that we were not "used" or taken advantage of in any way seeing as how they gave us $900 two weeks after they moved out....evidently our memories are a little different because I distinctly remember never charging rent or money for utilities (when our utilities were 3 times what they are normally), buying their baby food, diapers, buying them food, buying their dog's food, having to scour my entire house when they left, throw away sheets, bedspreads, towels, rugs, etc. when they moved and having to pack up their things... And the $900 they so generously gave us, well, it was $850 and they owed it to Tim for going to pick up their UHaul in NC for gas, etc. and forgot that Tim charged extra so they would profit nearly $500 when they received their $1400 reimbursement check. Funny how memories are different.

Okay, that was a long side note and I really do not mean to be negative....I've just been thinking about it for a few weeks now and for someone who is honest and tries to be a good person, it's a little upsetting when you are totally denounced and told not to even ask how the baby is doing. Several explicatives have run through my mind, (and come from my mouth since we all know how well I hold things back), but in those messages I do feel like I took the high accomplishment for me. In this case, taking the high road served an even better outcome than being engaged in back and forth email insults--it got me deleted from my first myspace friends list. :) How many of you can say you've been deleted....the funny thing is, well, I'll have to tell you all later, I wouldn't want to incriminate myself in print.

While you're wondering just what I've done, here are some pictures to enjoy of the baby boy. Don Teddy is soooo funny. (My uncle Donnie got it for him, hence the name.)

Ruby loves him.....

...even though he pulls her hair SO hard.

Our daily walk at its end....can you spot Kitty in the background?

Daddy lovin'

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The Mrs. & Mama said...

Hey! I just saw your comments on my blog. I haven't updated it in forever but I finally did. Your little man is soooo cute!! We're doin good...just ready for Andy to get back home and then next year we'll be back in KY for good. Keep in touch!!