Saturday, August 30, 2008

My favorite Facebook Flair buttons

i thought i should share some of my favorite facebook flair buttons with those of you who don't have facebook....some of them are just too true. :)
-sarcasm: the body's natural defense against stupid.
-best friends, because parents couldn't handle us as sisters.
-i work with kids for a living, what's your superpower?
-i wasn't kicking him, i was riverdancing and he got in the way.
-forgive your enemies, it messes with their heads. (this was on a church sign. )
-i make sarcastic comments during faculty meetings. (that's not nice.)
-sarcastic comments free with friendship.
-i have CDO. it's like OCD only the letters are in alphabetical order. (like they should be.)
-i'm afraid one day i'll meet God, he'll sneeze and i won't know what to say.
-i cried when sirius died. (really, i did. i cried harder when dumbledore died though.)
-silence is golden, but duct tape is silver. (one of my favorites.)
-"i told you so" has a brother. His name is "shut the h*ll up."
-why are so many liberals against killing terrorists, murderers and child rapists, but for abortion?
-when i hear the national anthem, i add the BOOM-CRASH!

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jenn said...

so, i'm loving your Kipling ads. I almost wanted to buy one! I want there to be flair for blogging. Make some up and i'll subcribe. I want to blow zerberts on Drew's belly in his pictures too. Went to Goodwill again this weekend and the laundrymat was still empty!!!! Maybe it's the Lost world here in Richmond...