Saturday, April 11, 2009

easter eve

yesterday i finished getting all drew's stuff for his easter basket. we went to hobby lobby and picked up a few little last minute things. (i was surprised i didn't see you there, angie.) :)

they didn't have much of a selection of boys' baskets left but we did find a really cute one drew liked. i know i waited until last minute so i didn't expect there to be many left....they were 50% off though!
i found a child's size broom there, too. drew is obsessed with sweeping and constantly carries the broom around. maybe he'll be able to handle this one a little easier. i also found a book that i put his picture in and all the characters in the story then have his face. though his basket looks a little fuller than last year's socks and book, i don't think i went overboard. he's got a ball, bubbles, a small chocolate bunny (because mom said i had to, it's easter!), a few "grow your own" tub toys, a broom and a book. mom also got him a blue rubber ducky since he also adores ducks.
**on a sidenote, yesterday after the big storm, we had two ducks going down our odd.**
i'm sure he'll probably want to play only with the empty plastic eggs, but hey, i had to fill the basket with something. :) here's a few pictures of the basket and of the sky behind the house during the storm. we had so much hail it was crazy. there was a tornado touchdown about a mile or two behind the house when i took these pictures....

see that little brown puppy? angie made him a picture frame with one of those on it and he always wants to get it off....when he saw it yesterday in the store he started screaming, "puuuppyyy!"

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Jb and AnGiE said...

What a great Easter for Drew! I actually stayed away from Hobby Lobby and didn't go once over spring break. :)