Wednesday, April 8, 2009


many of you know my cousin, budge, and the stories that are often shared about him. since Easter is sunday, I had to include this before i forget about are a few of the latest budgisms:
  • today gig was going to take budge home after school. they were at the office locking up and budge continued to ask questions about of them being Easter. gig told him all about Easter, why we have it, etc.
    a few minutes later he says, "hey gig? why does this God guy think he's the boss of everybody anyway?"
  • he checks the oil price every morning on the stock market crawl on the news channels. last week he walked into the kitchen and said, "dad, oil fell to $48 a barrel," shaking his head and looking forlorn.
    when he told mamaw this later he asked her, "you do know i'm in the oil business, right?"
  • "mom, i like sports. i like basketball and baseball but i just don't think i want to play any of those." pause....

    "i believe i'll take up fencing."
    papaw said he was going to bring him a tobacco stick so he could practice his fencing in the house...ha!

budge, (who has a beautiful name that no one calls him, even at school he's "budge"), just turned 6 years old a few months ago. what will he say next?

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The Mrs. and Mama said...

Haha....toooooo cute. =)