Monday, January 19, 2009

back to the grind tomorrow

vacation's over, we're back to work tomorrow. when i was thinking about it, i couldn't help but be just a little excited, though. we've been stuck in the house for about 5 days now and i've been a little stir crazy.
drew and i took a drive today but thursday and friday it was just too cold to take him out, even if we weren't getting out of the car. what if we got a flat tire and then had to sit in the cold??? too much worrying, i know.
today was a tough one. drew has had a major temper today and i've had about enough of the screaming, dog chasing, dogs chasing the poor cat and drew getting in the cabinets (and yes, these are the ones that have locks on them, i don't know how he does it!). i'm sure by tomorrow at noon i'll be wishing i was home again. i love staying with him but when he gets in a mood, watch out. he's wanted me to hold him all day...probably because he's got a runny nose and just doesn't feel great. however, i haven't felt much better today and i'm exhausted from all the up and down, playing in the floor, then having to run and get ruby out of something. on top of all that, i haven't gotten to run since last wednesday. it was too cold thursday and friday and i've just been lazy over the weekend. i feel guilty with the treadmill here but when i get a chance and drew takes a nap, i've always got something else that i need to do....laundry, clean the kitchen, etc. etc.
i really have enjoyed my impromptu break though i wish it hadn't accummulated us two snow days. we've got a pool to put to use this summer and i don't want the summer days to be cut into! :) i'm ready for the snow and cold to be over, too. i don't like it in the first place and i'm especially tired of it after the last week. on a brighter note, i have duty this week and it's only a four day week. i don't think i've had a 4 day week of bus duty in several years, so hooray!

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SAS said...

I have duty this week too and I was just saying the same thing about never getting to have duty on short weeks. I always seem to be stuck with it the week before long breaks or the weeks right afterwards. :) I hope you had a good day back. Miss you