Wednesday, January 7, 2009


okay, i'm beginning to get a little ticked that no one else is blogging lately. have you all forgotten that i am a voyeur and need insight into your lives? (even though i see most of you daily.) i need my fix!

tommy, i'm so glad you are posting. i especially loved the cinnamon challenge. that was the best i've seen in a while. it makes it so much more fun to watch someone on youtube when you actually know them. kudos to you.

jennifer, school has not started yet. you do not have the excuse of having to do work for methods right now. FOCUS, please. it's not like you don't have time to blog while you are at work, work or work. or cooking supper for your family. haven't you taught those kids to cook for you yet?

angie, you get a bye for now. :) i'm being nice. you better enjoy it, it won't last long. well, i take that back, you don't get on my nerves so i can continue to be nice to you...i even bought you graham crackers tonight. i'm really trying to stoke my maternal side and nurse you back to good health.

SAS. what can i say....? i have heard nothing about stad in over a week. not even a good traveling story. i'm going through smith withdrawals. (though i really enjoyed the facebook picture of you all on the way to check out the lights at christmas. stad's face was priceless. that would definitely go on gig's wall of shame.)

okay, i've blown off some steam. wait, one more -- rue, you need to blog. period. keep me updated on wedding stuff. and, as always, i would enjoy more DUI photos.


jenn said...

Geez, you freakin' stalker :-) I blogged already. I'm going to blog about you specifically, I think. I need to get some pictures and stuff but that's going to be my next couple of works, so ready yourself...

Tommy said...

i posted one today. i just need to become a stay at home dad so i can do this all the time.