Friday, January 23, 2009

(((((((((((((((((( f r i d a y ))))))))))))))))))))

it was a gorgeous day today, great for running. we did 4 miles today and with the weather being so nice it made it much easier. this will be a short one, just a few things i'm thankful for.

>warmer weather
>the fact that i only had bus duty 3 days this week
>good friends to work with
> kids will not keep their shoes tied
>a husband who cares enough to notice i left my wedding rings at home today and called 3 minutes after i left home to see why....(my hands were dry so i took them off last night to put lotion on - my hands were swelled this morning and my band wouldn't go on. hey, i was in a hurry!)
>a happy, healthy baby (see pictures
>a site called can keep me occupied for a while
>i finally found a way to send josh videos of drew
>it's friday!

also, thanks to brittany, i've finally found a fantastic website with blogger backgrounds. It is sssoooo much easier than the old way i've been doing it and these templates are so pretty. i've changed mine a few times already because i keep coming across ones i like more than the last. i've settled on a valentine's theme for will have to change soon enough.
check out the site....angie, i know you'll love it!


The Mrs. & Mama said...

I noticed right's super cute!!

And Drew is even cuter!! I swear we have some handsome boys on our hands. =)

jenn said...

girl, yo' baby is juicy...

i hope that we don't see each other due to snow/ice/sleet/cold until Thursday. Unless we're running and then I can't wait to see you. your word verification is zinglabo. sentence: i can't think of a way to phonetically use zinglabo.