Thursday, January 15, 2009

snow day #2

jeanne has said all week we would have a snow day thursday....her reasoning was that she had a dentist appt this morning and would have to get up and get ready anyway, so that's the day we would get one of our few days off. unfortunately jeanne wasn't the only one that had to get up and get ready....i was halfway to work getting ready to drop drew off before i got a call saying school was closed. i was not a happy camper. i mean come on, some of us live a little farther out and have to leave earlier to drive to work. not everyone can leave the house at 7:00 and still make it! i wouldn't really have minded had it just been me, but i hate having to wake him up for nothing. drew and i usually leave around 6:20-6:30 and i expected if we weren't having school, it would already be closed....not so much. i hope the poor babies that ride buses weren't out waiting, too. it was too stinking cold!
though i'm complaining about having to get out anyway, i am thankful i can spend the day at home with drew and that many of us get a much needed day of rest. tim's mom and dad got him a subscription to netflix for the rest of the winter months and i've got a movie with my name on it downstairs. i've been waiting forever to see it so i'm hoping i can watch it between drew's nap and washing clothes.
drew is thoroughly enjoying his day home....he's become obsessed with the broom and is really getting ticked when he tries to go through a dorrway and can't fit through because he has the broom turned the wrong way. i know it's horrible of me, but i can't help but laugh when he screams about it. i do have to teach him problem solving skills, right? besides, i'll get my payback because at the moment he's under the kitchen table.....we all know what that means--diaper duty.
ruby and waylon are loving us being home, too. i think they're very excited they don't have to stay in the garage all day. the best part about the snow day.......tomorrow's friday. :)
having a meltdown because the broom is stuck between the highchair and table....

so much snow i can't get out the front door.

RUBY trying to look innocent
WAYLON, who really is innocent
again with the sweeping....he's been at it almost an hour.


The Mrs. & Mama said...

He's too cute!!!

I've been meaning to ask you for your email address so I can add your name to my blog again!

jenn said...

i was in the shower when I got my call. it sure isn't like yours, but still frustrating. love these pics

Jb and AnGiE said...

I was on my way out the door, when my mom called to tell me...even before I got my text from wlex. I couldn't believe it! I needed it, this cold has kicked my butt, thankfully I'm doing much better today.