Friday, September 19, 2008


Ooo, ooo, ooo, TGIF!
So, today is Friday and a few good/funny things happened.
  1. Our 10 word spelling test took almost 15 minutes before I realized my kids kept asking me to repeat the words because they think the way I pronounce the words is funny. Who knew Friday really comes out FrI-dee when I say it. No wonder half of them failed.
  2. One student spelled Thursday "Turdsbay" on her test today. This was read by me and followed by a hysterical bout of the know it's FridEE when you can't stop laughing.
  3. I ran today. I ran 3 miles today. I finally felt good again. Thanks Jennifer and Jeanne.
  4. :( Tim's mom called and asked if she could take Drew to her house for a few hours tonight so they could see him and give me a break. It's nice to get a break, but I miss him SOOO bad. Again, :( .
  5. I got to see the pool tonight. It's almost finished, it just has to have the concrete poured around it. It's already filling up with water. I guess we have to get a sign that says "Drew's Pool".
  6. Tomorrow we will go to the Horse Park for the annual International Show. I called my dad tonight and he was wild. I mean I enjoy it but jeez, it's just a flippin' horse. Mom says he's been that way all week.
  7. I really wish Josh would come down tomorrow so Drew and I could see him. We didn't see him much last weekend and I'm afraid he's gonna move on me. That really doesn't belong in the good/funny pile, but I don't want to start a new one.
  8. Ruby and Waylon didn't run off when I let them out this evening. Well, Ruby did a little but I was able to wrangle her back home. (This is a constant topic of contention in my house....bluh.)
  9. Oh, and it's called spellcheck. (Angie, you know what I'm talkin' about and I know you're laughing, don't try to hold back. Have fun Monday morning! Waaahahahaha.)

More later I'm sure. Happy Weekend!


jenn said...

yeah you did!!! running three miles in the heat is like running ten!!!! You are a natural. Um, I love your quotes in the last blog. Terribly funny. Have a good weekend, come to the Spoonbread Festival.

JB and Angie said...

Good for you...running again? I swear it..I may be 40 with knee replacements, but I'll enjoy it while I can!

Wait..let me spellcheck...