Saturday, September 27, 2008


i was finally able to catch drew with his mouth open wide enough this afternoon to get a picture of his new tooth. yes, it's just barely there on the bottom, but it's taken him months to finally get it in. along with it has come the fussy-sillies. he's wanted me to hold him all day and he will cry one minute and be laughing the next. he's 27 pounds now so i'm officially exhausted by the end of the day. i had to include some other pictures of course....some of him eating his beloved rice puffs and some of him pushing his new book around. yes, pushing. he's decided everywhere he goes he has to put one hand on his book and push it around. it reminded me of the iRumba vacuum cleaner that runs into walls, backs up and goes a different direction all on its own. drew wasn't quite as technologically advanced today so everytime he pushed the book into something and it would go no further, he would put his head down on it and cry. it was kind of pitiful yet i found myself sitting in the floor laughing at him rather than helping him....oh well, he enjoyed himself regardless.

i've also found he has an affection for french fries like his momma....i had never given him one because i'm kind of anal about what he eats. i think because i eat so awful, so much junk all the time, i don't want him to even have a taste of those things. however, i turned around last weekend and mom had given him french fries. so, when he saw that i had some today, he crawled across the floor like a rocket to get to me....poor momma, i thought he was coming to sit in my lap but he just grabbed the fry out of my hand and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. when he wanted more and they were all gone, he had a complete and total meltdown. (no more french fries in his vicinity, that's for sure!)

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I love that top picture!!